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The Best Insoles for Leg Length Discrepancy Related Conditions

Friday, 15 October 2021  |  Christopher

If you have one leg shorter than the other, you'll understand the discomfort and irritation it can cause. The functional changes in your walking and running gait caused by having one leg shorter than the other can have a knock on effect to other parts of your body, causing muscles and ligaments to overwork or atrophy in an attempt to compensate. This means that many of the conditions experienced in conjunction with leg length discrepancy can be alleviated or even cured by correcting the underlying problem with the correct combination of shoe insole and heel lift.

What Conditions Will This Guide Cover?

In this blog we'll cover the five most common conditions associated with leg length discrepancy and the best shoe insole to combine with a heel lift for each, these conditions include: 

  1. Plantar fasciitis 
  2. High arches
  3. Over pronation
  4. Morton's Neuroma
  5. Metatarsalgia

How Can a Heel Lift Help Me?

When combined with shoe insoles, an adjustable heel lift will give your shorter leg the extra length needed to balance your gait. This has the advantage of fixing the underlying issue of leg length discrepancy while also providing all the advantages and benefits normally associated with shoe insoles. 

Best Adjustable Heel Lifts to use with Shoe Insoles

Adjustable Height Heel Wedge

For people who have leg length discrepancy and another foot condition, we recommend using the Clearly Adjustable Heel Lift. This heel lift sits comfortably on top of the insole of your shorter leg and can be adjusted to any height from 1mm to 12mm.

Why We Love Them...

 Easy to trim to your required shape
 Fine control of elevation for customised comfort
 Available in three different sizes to suit a variety of needs

Ideal For...

 Fixing leg length discrepancy 
 Use in conjunction with a pair of shoe insoles
 Anyone with leg length discrepancy and another condition

Editor's Verdict: This heel lift has been designed to be highly adjustable, making it ideal for use with any of the shoe insoles below. Made from a durable and easy to wash vinyl, this adjustable heel lift is the perfect choice for anyone with leg length discrepancy and related conditions. 

Best Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis and Leg Length Discrepancy

Plantar Fasciitis for Women Plantar Fasciitis and Leg Discrepancy

The Sof Sole Plantar Fasciitis Orthotic Insoles are fantastic for providing instant pain relief. They're available in both Women's and Men's versions, and are designed specifically for plantar fasciitis pain and correcting instability as you move.

Why We Love Them...

 Great motion control and stability
 Fit most footwear thanks to 3/4 design
Durable nylon composite material

Ideal For...

 Providing extra height to your shorter leg
 Alleviating pain from plantar fasciitis
Fixing the root cause of plantar fasciitis

Editor's Verdict: These insoles are perfect for those with both plantar fasciitis and leg length discrepancy. Combine these insoles with the heel lifts above and you have the perfect solution for leg length discrepancy and plantar fasciitis. 

Best Insoles for High Arches and Leg Length Discrepancy

Sidas Leg Discrepancy High Arches Image

The Sidas 3Feet Activ Insoles for High Arches feature a flexible arch support specifically designed for people with high arches. Over time, providing correct support to your arch can help reduce the symptoms of leg length discrepancy.

Why We Love Them...

 Flexible and comprehensive arch support 
 Soft gel heel pad gives optimal cushioning
 Excellent forefront cushioning

Ideal For...

 Providing extra height to your shorter leg
 Supporting a range of different foot arches
 Realigning your foot shape to improve performance

Editor's Verdict: Designed to be worn for sports or for active use, the Sidas 3Feet Activ Insoles are fantastic for correcting the arch shape of your foot. They also include a non-slip sole that helps prevent injuries during athletic activities and the highly breathable material helps keep your feet feeling fresh even during intense physical exertion. All in all, these insoles are an excellent product for anyone experiencing arch pain, especially for people with one leg shorter than the other. 

Best Insoles for Morton's Neuroma and Leg Length Discrepancy

Superfeet Green Insoles Leg Discrepancy Morton's Neuroma

The Superfeet Green Performance Insoles are the world's most popular insoles, and they're perfect for Morton's Neuroma because they add extra cushioning to your heel. This removes pressure from you metatarsals and allows them the reduces stress necessary to heal. 

Why We Love Them...

 Heel cup offers great shock absorption
 Biomechanical shape stabilises the foot
 Made of a flexible foam that adjusts to the shoe

Ideal For...

 Providing extra height to your shorter leg
 Removing pressure from your metatarsals
 Fitting into a range of different shoe sizes and shapes

Editor's Verdict: Long-lasting thanks to the flexible cushioning foam and flexible enough to fit inside any shoe, these Superfeet Insoles are an excellent choice for anyone suffering from Morton's Neuroma. For people experiencing Morton's Neuroma as well as or because of having one leg shorter than the other, wearing these insoles can provide incredible results. 

Best Insoles for Leg Length Discrepancy and Overpronation

Powerstep Original Insoles Leg Discrepancy Over Pronation

The Powerstep Original Full Length Orthotic Insoles are insoles designed to reduce excessive overpronation. The stabilising heel cradle provides great support that prevents your foot from rolling. The unique Poron/EVA foam material is fantastic for pain relief. 

Why We Love Them...

 Prevents excessive overpronation
 Heel cushioning provides great support
 Strong orthotic shell eases plantar fascia strain

Ideal For...

 Providing extra height to your shorter leg
 Stopping your foot and ankle from rolling
 People who's shorter leg makes their ankle roll

Editor's Verdict: The phenomenal Powerstep Protech Insoles were specifically formulated to prevent excessive overpronation, and they do this with aplomb. These insoles feature a firm arch support which is fantastic for preventing your ankle from rolling and the foam cushioning is luxuriously soft. The stabilising heel cup is what sets these insoles apart from other insoles for overpronation, the cushioning provided is exceptional and carefully placed to redistribute the pressure when your foot hits the ground. 

Best Insoles for Leg Length Discrepancy and Metatarsalgia

Pedag Viva Sport Insole for Leg Length Discrepancy and MetatarsalgiaThe highly popular Pedag Viva Sport Insoles are fantastic for people with Metatarsalgia because they feature exceptional heel padding. The phenomenal heel padding is equally effective for either competitive running or leg length discrepancy.

Why We Love Them...

 Micro-air chambers absorb shock
 Anatomical shape helps provide longitudinal support
 Excellent metatarsal padding to reduce impact

Ideal For...

 Providing extra height to your shorter leg
 Padding your metatarsal to reduce impact and alleviate pain
 Anyone with leg discrepancy who's serious about running

Editor's Verdict: The inclusion of a foam that incorporates thousands of micro-air chambers to absorb shock and impact is a fantastic feature for anyone suffering from metatarsalgia. This shoe insole is designed for serious athletes, so even if you have one leg shorter than the other you can still compete with the best. Having one leg shorter no longer needs to exclude you from reaching the top of your game with these fantastic running insoles. 

With these fantastic shoe insoles, leg length discrepancy and the conditions it causes can become a thing of the past. Fix the root of the problem by correcting your gait with this wide range of expertly designed insoles. 

Have you suffered from any of these conditions in conjunction with leg length? Let us know in the comments below or get in touch via Twitter or Facebook!

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