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Sof Sole: Soft Insoles for Sporty People

9 July 2015

The clue is in the name with Sof Sole Insoles, the sharply designed, high performing insoles as perfectly suited to the sports shoe as your daily footwear. Here at Shoe Insoles we can assure you that Sof Soles really do exactly what is says on the tin, but just because they’re soft to the touch, don’t think they’re soft in performance.

A Wise Head on Young Sole-ders

Starting in 1991, Sof Sole is a relatively young company when compared to those insole brands that have been running for decades, but that’s not to mean that Sof Sole can’t beat them at their own game.

Already a market leader in athletic footwear accessories, Sof Sole have developed a range of products designed to help you get the most out of your shoes and of your feet. Pushing for technological advancement and utilising revolutionary materials, Sof Sole strives to become the “sole of performance” for hard working feet everywhere.

Sof-isticated Technology

Whether it’s air capsules, advanced foam or gel formulations, an anti-microbial top coating or simply finding ways of making their insoles live up to softness of their name, you can be sure that your Sof Sole purchase will feature the best that foot care has to offer.

Designed to extend the life of footwear as well as improve its everyday performance, Sof Sole insoles also celebrate the difference in morphology, or shape, of the male and female foot. Integrated into all of its models, Sof Sole carefully creates each insole to the specifications of each gender, allowing their Insoles for Men to provide excellent support for the generally wider, heavier feet of male wearers while their Insoles For Women are better tapered to adhere to a range of female styles.

Kind Soles

Proving that Sof Soles is a company of both style and substance, Sof Soles are well known as the official insoles of marathons, but also as partners for a series of running books and media aimed at mothers. Who said you had to be a hard-core athlete to enjoy total shoe support? Sof Soles are lightweight, durable and versatile enough to just as effectively help you through the school run.


All that’s left to say is that we’re sure you won’t regret a Sof Sole Insole. Whether a fitness fanatic or a casual walker, the running mum or the injured jogger, Sof Sole is designed for all wearers and then specified to gender so you know you’re getting a more customised fit.

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