Height Increasing

Thursday, 2 August 2018
Best Height Increasing Insoles

It's becoming more and more common to wear height increasing insoles which serve the purpose of making the user appear taller or making living with leg length discrepancy easier. For many it appears that heels are out and insoles are in, with brands across the world developing the latest in height increasing shoe insoles, With an ever growing selection, we've put our heads together and had a think about which insoles are our Best Height Increasing Insoles

Thursday, 13 August 2015  |  John
What Are Height Increasing Insoles?

Height increasing insoles (also known as shoe lifts) are shoe insoles which are designed to increase a personís height (obviously). This is often done to correct a leg length discrepancy, and while some people are happy with their natural height, for some itís a bit of a sore subject. Height increasing insoles help give these people more confidence in themselves and in their day to day lives.

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