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Talarmade: A Tailored Fit

13 July 2015

We’re sure that when you picked up those killer pair of heels, or those Oxfords that perfectly matched your new suit, you were far more concerned about how they looked on the outside than how they felt on the inside. We’re certain you weren’t worried about arch support, blistering feet or a future of inserts, because your pretty new shoes would never do that to you, right? Sadly, we’re also pretty certain you were wrong – but worry not, because where your shoes may have been all style, our Talarmade insoles are things of great substance.

Tailored To You

The Talarmade brand prides itself on being owned and managed by professionals from the fields of orthotics, podiatry and physical therapy, resulting in a range of foot support products that can help in the general health, specific foot conditions or enhanced performance of your feet. With over 25 years of experience to call on, Talarmade are certain to find the perfect fit for you, and bring a little sole to punishing shoes. In the words of the Talarmade team themselves “We look forward to meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations!”

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Tapered In, Taken Out, A Talarmade Fit

Talarmade’s professional experience is evident in the variety of its range. They may not be the prettiest insoles, but with their depth of knowledge and understanding when it comes to foot care, they’ll be able to give you the prettiest feet.  

Foam, gel, both, neither — Talarmade’s range makes the most of technology by offering you orthotic inserts that suit a range of needs and preferences. By providing an advanced level of foot profiling and correction, it no longer costs an arm and a leg to get custom orthotics for your feet. From Gel Cups to Bunion Correctors, or a hardy sports Foot Pad, just about anyone can depend on Talarmade’s range being a personal source of in-shoe foot care.  

Foot Care From A To F

Talarmade’s Quadrastep range has been developed based on extensive research and insight into the issues which commonly plague feet. Understanding that every foot is both uniquely different yet familiar to a common profile, Talarmade created Quadrastep, a line of shoe orthotics based on a spectrum of 6 foot “types”, ranging from Type A to Type F, and the personal treatment they each need. Whether subject to Supination, having problems with Pronation or fighting Flat Feet, Talarmade’s Quadrastep range is a professional line of products to give you optimum support and comfort whatever type of foot you are, just call them the Freud of feet.

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