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Insoles for Knock Knees

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Superfeet Blue Active Insoles

Superfeet Blue Active Insoles£27.77  (6)

  • Superfeet's most versatile and easy-to-fit insole
  • Thin, high-performing and flexible, can fit almost any shoe
  • agION antimicrobial finish keeps insoles clean and fresh
  • Available in both adult and junior sizes

Pedag Correct Heel Pads

Pedag Correct Heel Pads£6.95  (3)

  • Soft pad for the heel
  • Suitable for bow legs & knock knees
  • Corrects worn heels
  • Self-adhesive to ensure they remain in position

Superfeet Berry Insoles For Women

Superfeet Berry Insoles For Women£29.95  (2)

  • Contoured comfort and support exclusively for female feet and footwear
  • Patented heel cup for wrap-around comfort and shock absorption during high-impact activities
  • Helps align the body, combating back pain and knee aches
  • agION technology keeps insoles continuously clean and fresh

Superfeet Black Insoles

Superfeet Black Insoles£25.99  (1)

  • Slim, contoured insoles ideal for extra sensitive feet and those who have difficulty wearing orthotic devices
  • Patented heel cup provides optimum support for the foot and lower body
  • agION technology keeps insoles clean and fresh
  • Easily trimmed to your size for a personal fit

  • Soft pad for the heel
  • Helps to correct bow-legs
  • Levels out worn heels
  • Self-adhesive to ensure they remain in position

Vasyli Green 6 Degree Custom Orthotic Insoles

Vasyli Green 6 Degree Custom Orthotic Insoles£38.49  -  £39.99  (1)

  • Low density lightweight 6 degree orthotic
  • Ideal for elderly, diabetic and arthritic patients
  • Effectively reduces excessive pronation of foot
  • Can help improve body's natural alignment, reducing pain

Superfeet Yellow Amarillo Insoles

Superfeet Yellow Amarillo Insoles£26.49  (1)

  • Ventilating insoles designed for athletes
  • Ideal for skate, hockey and cycling shoes
  • Patented heel cup and contoured support for optimum comfort
  • Superfeet 60 day money back guarantee 

  • Heel cushions to protect against impact
  • Correct over-pronation and supination
  • For treatment of heel spurs and plantar fasciitis
  • A useful aid for diabetics that suffer heel pain


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