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Hammer Toes

9 January 2024  |  Tania
Best Toe Separators, Bunion Correctors and Toe Guards 2024

Bunions, overlapping toes, hammer toes and claw toes can cause pain, inhibit everyday tasks, and restrict your choice of shoes. Read about the best solutions in our guide to the Best Toe Separators, Bunion Correctors and Toe Guards.

13 Comments17 August 2015  |  Alex
Find Your Foot Condition

If your feet are bothering you but you don't know why, our graphic is the ideal solution. Simply click on the area that is giving you trouble and see our detailed guides on how to combat the conditions.

12 August 2015  |  John
Causes of Hammer Toes

Hammer Toe is where one or more of the lesser toes (the toes which arenít the big toe) always seem to be bent. This is because the first joint of the toe has contracted, usually because of a ligament and muscle imbalance around the toe joint. There are several causes of hammer toes.

7 August 2015  |  John
Treatments for Hammer Toe

Hammer Toe is where one or both joints of the lesser toes (toes which arenít the big toe) bend. These usually start off mild but get worse over time. Theyíre usually caused by a muscle or tendon imbalance, and can cause pain and discomfort. However, there are a few things you can do to help with the condition.

7 August 2015  |  John
Exercises for Hammer Toe

Hammer toes is where the joints of one or more of the lesser toes (the toes which arenít your big toe) curl. They can be painful and tend to cause corns and calluses to form on the areas of the foot which hammer toes force to rub against the inside of shoes.

9 July 2015
What are Hammer Toes?

Hammer Toes is the name given to a foot condition that causes the toes (usually the second, third and forth) to bend inwards towards the ball of the foot. Hammer Toes are frequently the result of Arthritis, previous foot injury or a habit of wearing poorly-fitting shoes. Because Hammer Toes lead to the shape and functionality of the foot changing, sufferers will often find themselves walking differently and unevenly, heightening the risk of Metatarsalgia and Plantar Fasciitis.

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