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Ankle Instability

2 Comments4 January 2024  |  Eugene
Best Balance Insoles 2024

Even a slight lack of balance can lead to a host of painful conditions and fatigue, and the wrong footwear can be a prime contributor. Read on for the top picks from our experts of the Best Balance Insoles.

2 January 2024  |  Eugene
Best Insoles for Walking Boots 2024

Your boots are made to help you cover all sorts of terrain without bothering your feet, but even the best boots can benefit from some insoles. Check out our expert picks of the Best Insoles for Walking Boots.

1 January 2024
Best Insoles for Ankle Pain 2024

Stop letting ankle pain slow you down. Whether you're after a personal best or you're fed up of pain in your calves and ankles, we've put together a selection of our Best Insoles for Ankle Pain 2022 to give you the relief you deserve.

6 January 2023  |  Eugene
Superfeet Green vs Superfeet Orange Insoles

Deciding between the vast range of insoles can be difficult, so we've had our experts tackle one of the most common insole questions around: which insoles to choose, Superfeet Green vs Superfeet Orange Insoles?

12 December 2022  |  Tania
Superfeet Blue vs Superfeet Green Insoles

Choosing the right pair of shoe insoles can be a daunting process. It can be difficult finding the right insoles for your foot condition. This article weighs up the differences between two of the world's most popular insoles: Superfeet Green vs Superfeet Blue.

2 March 2021
Superfeet Trailblazer Insoles: Ease Your Feet Out of Lockdown

Spring is here, lockdown is easing and we're all desperate to see our friends. There has never been a better time to get walking! Keep your feet comfortable, hygienic and healthy on post-lockdown strolls with the Superfeet Trailblazer Insoles.

13 Comments17 August 2015  |  Alex
Find Your Foot Condition

If your feet are bothering you but you don't know why, our graphic is the ideal solution. Simply click on the area that is giving you trouble and see our detailed guides on how to combat the conditions.

1 Comment7 July 2015
What is Ankle Instability?

Ankle Instablility, sometimes known as chronic ankle instability, is, as the name suggests, an instability of the ankles. Often caused by a previous ankle strain or sprain, ankle instability increases the chances of these injuries occurring again with the outside of the ankle “giving way” when walking, running or even simply standing on poorly balanced feet.

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