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Trio Insoles

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Trio Full Length Insoles

Trio Full Length Insoles£30.00  (1)

  • Durable insoles for a superior support
  • Heel cup for shock absorption 
  • Anti-bacterial top cover to prevent poor hygiene
  • Helps Plantar Fasciitis and heel pain


Trio Heel Pain Orthotics

Trio Heel Pain Orthotics£21.49

  • Designed to eliminate pain of the heel
  • Contoured to reduce the loading of the plantar heel
  • Directly reduces the cause of plantar fascia strain
  • Contoured to fit comfortably in a wide range of shoes

  • Supportive and comfortable insole to cushion the foot
  • Helps encourage healing of several conditions
  • Distributes the pressure more evenly across the foot
  • Available in a range of different sizes for best fit

Trio Slimfit Insoles

Trio Slimfit Insoles£24.99

  • Slim fit, low profile design for fashionable or tighter fitting shoes
  • Mild biomechanical control
  • Anti-slip velcro disc for accurate fit
  • Anti-bacterial top cover keeps insoles fresh
  • Sold in convenient pairs


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