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Sidas: Happy Feet Equal A Happy Planet

25 November 2015

Nothing trips us up from achieving the way painful feet can. We don’t want to end a record-breaking ski run because our ankle isn't aligned right We don’t want to wince our way down the street just because our shoes are not comfortable.  We don’t want to end the night easing off heels and flinching over how painful our soles are. 

There is a lot we don’t want from life but unlike some things, we can actually do something about our feet. Or rather, Sidas can with their extensive range of insoles. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are walking or running, skiing or simply trying to warm your feet up; they have an insole suited for your needs and feet. They too know how painful feet can ruin everything. That’s why they believe that happier feet will lead to a happier planet and are doing everything they can to make that come true.

Sidas Who?

Sidas were established back in 1975 when three skiers decided there needed to be more support for a skier’s foot in the market.  Being located in the French Alps, Sidas had the perfect captive market for skiing insoles. And after having conquered the Alps, it didn’t take long for Sidas to start branching out. It was a slippery slope once they started, for now they provide insoles for a wide range of sports as well as everyday insoles. After thirty years in the industry, they are not slowing down.

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With the aid of top professionals in the industry – chiropodists, doctors and engineers – Sidas are focused on developing footwear for every sort of problem. No one is left behind on the race towards comfort as athletes are just as important as scientists – one provides the problems and the support required while the other provides the solutions. 

What Do Sidas Believe?

For one thing, Sidas focus on the fact you should be able to stand. Comfortably and without wincing, with your feet naturally aligned and stable thanks to a Sidas insole.  

But that’s not all.

Sidas are formed on four principles: innovation, passion, performance and commitment. Their values are not that dissimilar to a budding athlete and their ambitions are as great, which is why they have expanded to include the whole globe with their products. They couldn’t not, mind you. For if happy feet result in a happy planet, it only makes sense they give the whole planet happy feet.

With their main focus being on skiing, it comes as no surprise that Sidas are not afraid of braving the cold weather. That is because it is not just support they know how to provide when it comes to their insoles. They can also provide warmth for those harsh conditions and protection from blisters from the high impact sports. They did say they wanted a range that would cover the entire planet and it seems like they are well on their way to achieving just that.

So no matter the problem or situation, take a look at the range of Sidas Insoles here at Shoe Insoles.

Sidas 3D Comfort 1/2 Insoles

Sidas 3D Comfort 1/2 Insoles

  • Ready to wear insoles for low volume or slim fitting shoes
  • Provides all round comfort
  • Helps align feet and body when walking
  • Should fit into most shoes, even slim or hard to fit shoes
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Sidas 3Feet Everyday Insoles for High Arches

Sidas 3Feet Everyday Insoles for High Arches

  • Everyday arch support designed especially for high arches
  • Soft gel heel pad to give optimal cushioning and shock absorption
  • Can help to combat heel pain, rolling of the ankles and over-pronation
  • Also available in Low and Medium Arch variations
In stock now  In stock now

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