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Shock Doctor Insoles are specifically designed for sports players. Trusted by athletes - whether they are amateurs or professionals - the Shock Doctor Insoles offers protection and support for the feet when playing sports. The variation comes from the type of sport being played and the different support needed to combat the shock and impact caused. The Shock Doctor Insoles can help prevent injuries common to sports and are available in a range of sizes to offer the best support.

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Shock Doctor Turf Insoles

Shock Doctor Turf Insoles

  • Designed for footballers
  • Made specifically for athletics pitches and turfs
  • Lets you move quicker and sharper
  • Incredibly discreet: weighs less than 50g and is 3mm thick
Currently unavailable. Please check back soon  Currently unavailable. Please check back soon
£24.99   £17.99

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Shock Doctor is a leading specialist when it comes to providing sports equipment designed for support, safety and comfort. Their range of products are tried and tested by athletes, whether they are amateurs aiming for the stars or professionals who have already made that leap. Shock Doctor Insoles are no different when it comes to quality. 

Shock Doctor Insoles are specifically designed for different types of sports including tennis, football and running. The different insoles have different levels of flexibility and shock-absorption depending on the impact on the feet caused by the sport. The insoles are designed for the ground you are working on -whether that be a hard court of turf - and absorb the shock caused by the impact on the feet and joints. They are flexible to allow quick movement and non-intrusive, so they can offer their support without affecting performance.

The discreet insoles adapts themselves to suit your foot shape in order to enhance performance. The support and protection offered can help prevent injuries that are common to sports - especially sprains and tears of ligaments. By using Shock Doctor Insoles, you are protecting your feet so are increasing your performance.

The Shock Doctor Insoles are available in a range of sizes. To get the best support from your insoles, it is ideal to match them to your shoe size for the best fit.

If you require more information about the Shock Doctor Insoles, please call our support team on 020 7501 1102 or send a message via the contact page on this site.

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