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15 December 2022
Which Powerstep Insoles are the Best for You?

Powerstep produce incredible insoles that sell millions worldwide. In order to make selecting the right Powerstep insole for you easier, we've decided to put together a user-friendly guide addressing the question: Which Powerstep Insoles are Best for You?

3 Comments30 August 2018
How Do You Find Your Podiatrists CH Code?

Some of the shoe insoles that we sell will require a referral from a healthcare expert before purchase. You can prove a referral by finding your practitioners registration number, which in the case of chiropodists and podiatrists, will start with the letters CH. If you're wondering just How Do You Find Your Podiatrists CH Code, this article explains how to get it and why you need it.

10 July 2015  |  John
Powerstep: Powerful Insoles Straight Off the Shelf

In 1991, Powerstep was founded by Dr Les Appel, a podiatrist, foot surgeon and runner. Dr Appel knew that there were some orthotic shapes that worked well with most patients but he noticed that there was a clear lack of simple, off-the-shelf shoe insoles that were ready to wear and would work well at reducing pain. Dr Appel set out to change this and decided to design his own range of insoles to accommodate as many people and conditions as possible.

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