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Zederna Insoles are designed to combat athlete's foot, nail fungus and shoe odours. A foot odour does not develop from your feet sweating. It instead comes from the bacteria that is produced. The Zederna Insoles are made from a specific type of cedar wood that absorbs and neutralises this bacteria. Use of the Zederna Insole eliminates foot odour and due to the lack of bacteria now present, helps to cure athlete's foot and fungus - again which are both caused by the bacteria produced by the feet.

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Zederna Original Natural Cedarsoles Insoles for Sweaty Feet

Zederna Original Natural Cedarsoles Insoles for Sweaty Feet

  • Natural cedar wood insoles for sweaty feet
  • Ideal for most shoes, with or without socks, on anyone who has sweaty feet
  • Moisture absorbing and antibacterial for reducing foot odour and bad smells
  • Naturally shoe deodorising for a pleasant cedar scene
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Zederna Insoles are made from a thin, flexible cedar wood. The wood is only 1.3mm thick and is highly flexible and comfortable. Despite it being made from wood, the insole offers comfort and support in the shoe. The Zederna Insole helps to absorb humidity, which reduces the amount of bacteria that remains in the shoe once the feet have sweated. This absorption stops the bacteria from allowing foot odours to develop.

It is the bacteria that causes nail fungi and athlete's foot to develop. The Zederna Insole not only helps to prevent these from occurring, but will also clear up any athlete's foot that is already present within a few days of using the Zederna Insole. 

The insole is suitable for everyday use for up to three months. The insole adapts to your foot shape within just a few steps of wearing it, making it comfortable for immediate use. It is appropriate to wear with or without socks, but the wooden side of the insole must be against the sole of your feet if it is to absorb the humidity that causes these issues. It can be hand washed and air-dried to guarantee hygiene and that the products remains working to its full potential.

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