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Plastic Insoles

Plastic Insoles are not made from a hard and solid plastic that would be uncomfortable. Instead, they come from a flexible and durable type that adds support and comfort to an insole and helps to stabilise the foot. Plastic Insoles are ideal for heavier wearers due to the way they can distribute the weight throughout the foot rather than focusing it on one point. Shoe Insoles work with the manufacturers to ensure a high quality material is used to provide you with the comfort and support that you need. If you require more information about the Plastic Insole range, please contact our support team on 020 7501 1102 or via the contact page on this site.
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Clearly Adjustable Heel Lift

Clearly Adjustable Heel Lift£11.50  (56)

  • For leg length discrepancy
  • Clear, durable vinyl
  • Fine control of elevation for customised comfort
  • Available in 3 sizes

Peapod Junior Kids' Insoles

Peapod Junior Kids' Insoles£13.99  (1)

  • Suitable for a range of conditions
  • 1.5mm thermoplastic base
  • Designed especially for children's feet
  • Heat mouldable/grindable

  • Shock absorbing silicone heel cushion with removable plug
  • Works as heel pad and as heel protector around heel spur
  • Fits all shoe styles and types
  • Supplied in pairs

Slimflex Carbon Insoles

Slimflex Carbon Insoles£11.99  (6)

  • EVA insole for great comfort
  • Incorporates plastic for greater durability
  • Ideal for heavier patients and highly active patients
  • Quick dry, moisture absorbing material for better hygiene

  • Silicone toe separators to space out two toes
  • Apply pressure to promote proper joint alignment
  • Separate and spread out overlapping toes
  • Reduce friction and irritation between toes


Page 1 of 1:    5 Items

Plastic Insoles can cover a range of different types of insoles. It is a durable plastic that is used in leg length discrepancy insoles and a sturdier version that is used in other types. Plastic Insoles are more durable than other insoles, meaning they are ideal for either heavier wearers or those who have an extremely active lifestyle and run the risk of wearing through other types of insoles. They provide support and stability the same as other insoles, but have more rigidity and stability than some softer forms due to the properties of the material. Plastic Insoles are highly durable, making them ideal for activities such as hiking.

The range of Plastic Insoles here on Shoe Insoles differs a lot in the style of the insole. The support provided means that the range can cover a vast number of conditions due to the different ways they support is placed in the insole. Shoe Insoles work closely with the manufacturers to ensure the highest quality materials are being used to produce a high quality product that can give you the support and comfort that you need.

Plastic Insoles are available in a range of sizes. It is important to ensure the insoles are fitted correctly with your shoes, for ill-fitted insoles can cause strain and damage to the foot, potentially making problems worse rather than aiding them.

If you require more information about Plastic Insoles, please contact us on 020 7501 1102 or via the contact page on this site.

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