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Our Best Arthritis Insoles 2024

1 January 2024

Arthritis affects over eight million people in the UK alone whilst many millions more suffer in silence without realising the full extent of their aches and pains. Thanks to years of experience and contact with product experts, we've found that the wrong pair of insoles can make this condition a lot, lot worse. If a pounding pressure in your joints after a walk or run sounds familiar, you're in the right place.

Thankfully, something as simple as slipping the right pair of Arthritis Insoles into your shoes can cause your feet, ankles, knees and hips to realign, making pain dissipate and even disappear. We've put this guide together to help those suffering find the correct pair of insoles for them, based on their lifestyle, shoe type, shape preference and activity level. 

What Exactly Does Our Guide Cover?

We've contacted the experts and manufacturers to find the best of the best when it comes to arthritis insoles. If you know what you're looking for, you can jump right in by clicking one of the quick links below.

Alternatively, if you're not sure what you need, continue scrolling to see a fleshed out description of each of our favourites.

The Best All-Round Arthritis Insoles

Winner: Superfeet Green Insoles

Superfeet Green Performance Insoles for BalanceThey're our best selling insoles for a reason. Perfect if you're looking to bolster comfort without knowing the specifics of your condition, Superfeet Green Performance Insoles are our number one choice for your shoes if you're in the market for something to try before visiting a physio or osteopath. 

How Do They Help Relieve Arthritis?

 Heel cup contours the back of the foot, promoting proper alignment
 Eliminates postural issues by balancing the entire foot
 Flexible foam reduces impact and shock generated by the pavement

Not the Best For...

 Acute heel pain (see our solution)
 Supination (see our solution)

Our Verdict: The world's most popular insoles demonstrate again that it's all about cushioning and alignment for relieving arthritic joints.

Customer Verdict: "Totally awesome. My physio couldn't believe I was still wearing my original pair 10 years after doing the Paris marathon - and I regularly run to prepare for triathlons! I have now purchased 2 more green pairs to wear in everyday shoes to help ward off osteo-arthritis in my hip. Can not recommend highly enough!" - Melissa ★★★★★ 

The Most Cushioned Arthritis Insoles

Winner: Diaped Duosoft Plus Insoles

Diaped Duosoft Plus InsolesWhen it comes to arthritis, one of the most important things to remember is cushioning. If your feet aren't cushioned, the issues you have are made worse every time your foot strikes the floor. Trust us, these insoles are soft. Designed for diabetes and arthritis, Diaped Duosoft Plus Insoles are loved by our customers who can't get enough of their flexible memory foam support.

Don't believe us? Take a look at one of the many rave reviews we get about them below.

How Do They Help Relieve Arthritis?

 Poron top cover has a slow rebound that cradles the foot
 Shock-absorbent urethane base absorbs impactful contact
 Vygel heel pad cushions the leg, alleviating arthritic pain in the knees

Not the Best For...

 Pronation (see our solution)
 Acute arch pain (see our solution)

Our Verdict: Our number one choice for users seeking relief from arthritic ankles, knees and hips.

Customer Verdict: "Given a pair by my podiatrist and just ordered to replace those. These are the best for Plantar Fasciitis and arthritis in the feet. Like walking on a cushion. Will always be ordering these" - Joan ★★★★★ 

Best Arthritis Insoles for Sensitive Skin

Winner: Pedag Sensitive Insoles

Pedag Sensitive Arthritis Insoles

As many arthritis sufferers are aware, the condition often goes hand-in-hand with neuropathy, sensitive skin, blisters and calluses. These nasty symptoms require padded insoles that aren't abrasive or rigid.

Pedag Sensitive Arthritis Insoles are designed to combat both problems at once thanks to a super-soft surface that cushions your feet and a dermatologically tested, soft cover on the top. Pedag Arthritis Insoles position the arch and metatarsals to reduce strain on the joints of the feet.

How Do They Help Relieve Arthritis?

 Reduces rawness and irritation associated with foot-focused arthritis
 Promotes an even distribution of weight across the foot
 Proven to relieve osteoarthritis in the knees, hips and spine

Not the Best For...

 Preventing ankle rolling (see our solution)
 Sporting application (see our solution)

Our Verdict: Pedag Sensitive Insoles offer incredible support and prevent the build up of blisters, calluses and irritation in users who have a condition where neuropathy is a constant worry. Working to transfer weight evenly across the foot, they're also great for overweight users.

Customer Verdict: "These are fabulous. No cutting to fit required. I have osteoarthritis and by the end of my working day, my feet, especially the soles, are so painful. Can't believe it has literally just stopped the pain. Amazing, thank you!" - Mary ★★★★★ 

Best Arthritis Insoles for the Big Toe

Winner: FootActive Sensi Insoles

FootActive Sensi Insoles

FootActive Sensi Insoles are a gamechanger for tired, fatigued and worn out toes.

Whether it's Hallux Rigidus or general wear and tear fatigue that you're suffering with, the metatarsal cushioning and soft and supple foundation material that FootActive use in their Sensi Insoles makes sure you're cushioned, reinforced and supported with every step. If you're looking for soft, all-action insoles to wear during the day, look no further.

How Do They Help Relieve Arthritis?

 Dually great for tired hips and knees
 Metatarsal row absorption pad reduces impact and shock on toes
 P.U. base material flexes as the toes move inside your shoes

Not the Best For...

 A firmer, more rigid support (see our solution)
 Those after a shorter insole (see our solution)

Our Verdict: FootActive Sensi Insoles are a tried and tested solution for osteoarthritis and Hallux Rigidus in the toes. Their front and rear shock absorption pads reduce the prevalence of shock and impact and their soft material helps cushion the toes as you walk, preventing them from curling and shrinking towards the foot. 

Best Insoles for Foot Roll

Winner: Rehband QD Pronation and Supination Insoles

Rehband QD Pronation and Supination Wedges

Ever noticed your ankles rolling inwards when you walk or run? Wondering if that's causing the pain in your ankle, knees and hips? It may well be. Rehband QD Wedge Insoles are a revolutionary orthotic set that can be positioned two ways to mitigate supination and pronation (the ankle rolling inwards and outwards).

How Do They Help Relieve Arthritis?

 Position one of two ways to alleviate pronation or supination
 Mitigate the effect of ankle rolling on tired joints
 Props one side of your shoe up to stop the foot rolling

Not the Best For...

 Incredible softness (see our solution)
 Full-foot support (see our solution)

Our Verdict: Yes they look funny, but they really work. If you're concerned about that slight ankle roll you've got causing pain in your hips and knees, look no further. By bolstering and raising the sloped side of your shoe, Rehband QD Wedges help elevate the foot-bed to prevent tired feet rolling inward or outward.

Customer Verdict: "I have a slightly arthritic hip which tends to get sore after a walk. This is accentuated by a supination of my feet so this is why I inserted the Rehband foot wedge insoles Into my walking shoes to help alleviate the effect. After only one week, the soreness began to lesson and now, almost a month later, there is only very minor soreness which I hardly notice. They were easy to insert and have so far stayed secure so I hope that the longevity of the insole is as impressive. Delivery was also spot on so overall, I can certainly recommend the product and service" - John ★★★★★ 

Best Copper Insoles for Arthritis

Winner: Original Coppy Heeler Insoles

Original Copper Heeler Insoles - As Featured On TV and In The Press

Copper-infused products are becoming increasingly popular for treated pain related to arthritis. Original Copper Heeler Insoles are a perfect example. Praised by the press and our customers alike for their pain relief properties, our Copper Insoles are an ideal choice for individuals who have had success with copper products in the past.

How Do They Help Relieve Arthritis?

 Specifically designed to treat arthritis using full copper therapy
 Praised in the press and tried and loved by our customers
 Slimline 3/4 length design means they fit inside all styles of shoe

Not the Best For...

 Tired knees, hips and ankles (see our solution)
 Pronation (see our solution)

Our Verdict: Copper Heeler Insoles are a revolutionary pain-relief product designed to holistically treat arthritis and other similar conditions. Often featured and praised by the press for their ability to help relieve arthritic pain in the feet and ankles, these insoles are just as loved by our customers.

Customer Verdict: "I have had arthritis in my back, shoulders and feet for over 20 years, and have tried so many gimmicks that are 'guaranteed' to help me become pain free. I therefore was sceptical when I saw these copper insoles advertised, but as they had a 30 day money back guarantee I decided to try them. Nothing ventured nothing gained. After 10 days, I am so pleased and relieved that I took a chance on these. They aren't cheap, but they do seem to work - at least for me! Well worth a try!" - Doreen ★★★★★ 

Best Socks for Arthritis

Winner: Silipos Arthritis and Diabetic Gel Socks

Silipos Arthritis and Diabetic Gel Socks (Pair)

If you're looking for more padding on top of your insoles, Arthritis Socks are a great way to take your support to the next level. We aren't overexaggerating when we say that there aren't socks out there more suited for people with diabetes or arthritis. 

Silipos Arthritis and Diabetic Gel Socks (Pair) use a thin layer of gel that is built into a moulded insole at the base of the sock. This cushioning protects against arthritic nerve damage, impact and shock related arthritis and fatigue.

How Do They Help Relieve Arthritis?

 Gel base fluidly conforms to the contours and movement of your feet
 Our number one garment for those suffering with arthritis
 Supplied in pairs for ease of use 

Not the Best For...

 Arch support (see our solution)
 Pronation (see our solution)

Our Verdict: A great option for users suffering with irritation in the toes and at the base the foot. Arthritis and Diabetic Gel Socks let you further bolster the level of support, padding and cushioning you get inside your shoes. Great for providing snug compression, they are proven to help with osteoarthritis in the metatarsal and toe areas.

Customer Verdict: "I have bought the 6mm and the 2 mm they are the best things I have bought for my feet. They really do help me stay on my feet without the burning pain being triggered too soon" - Carole ★★★★★ 

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