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Best Insoles for Wide Feet

23 December 2022

If you're like me and you have wider than standard feet, it's not just shopping for shoes that can be difficult, finding insoles that go inside your new trainers can be just as hard. If you're fed up of insoles that match your shoe size but don't have the width your feet require, you're in the right place. 

We've put this guide together to showcase our favourite Insoles for Wide Feet by breaking down what makes each of these options great for users with wider than average feet. So take a look at the options below, read what we've got to say and hopefully you'll find an option that works well for your feet. 

What Does Our Guide Cover?

We've contacted podiatrists and product experts to include a range of our Best Wide Foot Insoles for you to take a look at. If you know what you're after, go ahead and jump right in by clicking one of the quick links below. Alternatively, keep scrolling and browse all our favourites.

Expert Product Recommendations

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Best Overall Insoles for Wide Feet

Winner: Superfeet Green Wide Insoles

Superfeet Green Performance Insoles - Wide

What We Love Most:

 Our number one selling wide insoles
 Takes the hassle out of purchasing wide insoles
 Easy to tailor by trimming excess material away at the forefoot
 Available up to Size UK 15.5

What Our Customers Said...

"I normally struggle to get insoles that are wide enough for my shoes but I had to trim down to fit - perfect. Comfortable and supportive too" Geoffrey ★★★★★

"Comfortable from the word go. Great support better than custom made orthotics" Ian ★★★★★

Editor's Verdict: If you're like me and don't like the hassle of shopping around, Superfeet Green Wide Insoles make things quick and easy. Their no-nonsense wide design is number one if standard width insoles aren't an option. Available in eight different sizes with the option to trim at the forefoot, their incredible shock absorbency and heel cupping only add to the quality you'd expect from an industry staple like Superfeet.

Best Wide Insoles for Wide Feet

Winner: Pedag Classic Arch Support Insoles

Pedag Classic Arch Support Insoles

What We Love Most:

 Wider at all areas of the foot, not just the forefoot
 Ideal for correcting posture and relieving sore knees and back
 Features great arch support unlike other, flatter Pedag options
 Leather foundation fabric is authentic and durable

What Our Customers Said...

"Very comfortable, after getting used to my feet being in a better position. Heel pain is much better" Lewins ★★★★★

"Good arch support which was primarily what I was looking for, good width, love the leather foot bed. Only been using for a short while but so far so good." Kathleen ★★★★★

Editor's Verdict: Individuals with wider, larger feet often experience more discomfort and pain in their arches simply due to there being more surface area for nerve and tendon damage to occur on. Pedag Classic Arch Support Insoles use a foam interior in tandem with an elevated midfoot section to support and reinforce correct posture and alignment of your arches. Wide than your standard Pedag Insoles, the Classic model is the perfect compromise between support and cushioning.

Most Affordable Insoles for Wide Feet

Winner: Haplabase Customisable Orthotic Insoles

Haplabase Customisable Orthotic Insoles

What We Love Most:

 Suitable for attaching customisable postings and wedges
 Incredible support right out the box without customisation 
 Available in a whopping 11 different sizes 
 Wider than standard forefoot is great for E, EE and EEE widths

What Our Customers Said...

"Excellent product at a very competitive price. Fits my shoes perfect without any cutting. Would highly recommend" Robert ★★★★★

"Bought for my husband who had had a very painful Achilles for several weeks. He used them alongside an elastic Achilles support and got immediate relief. They are well made and comfortable and definitely worth trying for this painful condition" Marilyn ★★★★★

Editor's Verdict: Whether you've been diagnosed with a condition and require a customised orthotic or you're looking for something wide for use right out the box, Haplabase Customisable Orthotics tick all the boxes. Tried, tested and loved by our customer for their incredibly affordable price, Haplabase Orthotics are our pick if you have wide feet and are insole shopping on a budget.

Best Wide Insoles for Heel Pain

Winner: Pedag Viva Low Insoles

Pedag Classic Arch Support Insoles

What We Love Most:

 Great choice if your condition requires wide, loose fitting shoes
 Manufactured using real, premium quality leather
 Available in an amazing 13 different sizes

Editor's Verdict: If you're treating blisters, corns or you're getting back on your feet following damage to your toes, you're going to need wider, loose fitting shoes. That's where Pedag Viva Low Orthotic Insoles come in. Complete with a shock-absorbent heel pad, they're perfect for slotting straight into wider, bulkier trainers and work boots.

Why Do Wide Insoles Exist?

Wide insoles exist because not all shoe sizes are created equally. Because shoe sizes are predominantly determined by the length of the foot and shoe, width is often an after thought, making it hard or even impossible for individuals with particularly wide feet to trust traditional shoe sizes.

Wide insoles use the same UK or EU sizes but they are built to accommodate wider feet, allowing you to shop with confidence. It's as simple as that. 

How Do I Know If I Have Wide Feet?

Wide feet are fairly common. It can however, be a little difficult to work out if you actually do have them or not.

If you've had a look at our recommendations and aren't sure if you need wide insoles, we recommend measuring your feet. To do this, simply:

  1. Place two pieces of paper on the floor
  2. Stand on the paper, and draw an outline around your feet
  3. Measure the width of each foot at the widest point
  4. Write down the numbers and consult the table below

If your measurement is larger than what's identified in the "wide" column, you have wide feet. If you do need wide insoles, have another look at our recommendations section.

Women's Shoe Sizes

UK Shoe Size Wide (mm) Extra Wide (mm)
Size 3 90mm 100mm
Size 3.5 92mm 101mm
Size 4 94mm 103mm
Size 4.5 95mm 105mm
Size 5 97mm 106mm
Size 5.5 99mm 108mm
Size 6 100mm 110mm
Size 6.5 101mm 111mm
Size 7 103mm 113mm
Size 7.5 105mm 114mm
Size 8 106mm 116mm
Size 8.5 108mm 118mm
Size 9 110mm 119mm
Size 9.5 111mm 121mm
Size 10 113mm 122mm

Men's Shoe Sizes

UK Shoe Size Wide (mm) Extra Wide (mm)
Size 5.5 94mm 98mm
Size 6 95mm 100mm
Size 6.5 97mm 102mm
Size 7 98mm 103mm
Size 7.5 100mm 105mm
Size 8 102mm 106mm
Size 8.5 103mm 108mm
Size 9 105mm 110mm
Size 9.5 106mm 111mm
Size 10 108mm 113mm
Size 10.5 110mm 114mm
Size 11 111mm 116mm
Size 11.5 113mm 117mm
Size 12 114mm 119mm
Size 12.5 116mm 121mm
Size 13 117mm 122mm 

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