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Plantar Fasciitis Symptoms Infographic

4 Comments5 August 2015  |  Alex

Our Infographic on the Symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis

Anthony Bradburn
22 March 2018  |  17:57

My feet are tingly but the pain is just behind the toes. whether I am resting or in bed at night but are worse when I return From a longish walk

23 March 2018  |  9:07

Hi Anthony,

Thanks for leaving a comment. It sounds like you may be suffering from metatarsalgia, which is pain in the ball of the foot, rather than plantar fasciitis. If you want a definite diagnosis though, it is important that you seek the advice of a professional podiatrist.

Sorry that I couldn't be more help! Hope you find the insoles that you need.

Best wishes,

Alex at ShoeInsoles.co.uk

Tasneem Salehmohamed
16 April 2020  |  0:45

Hi ,

I am suffering from heel pain. It is very painful. I had cortisone injections but nothing seems to touch. I take anti-inflammatory tablets but the pain is not easing off.I have tried lots of different exercises for my foot . The heel is very painful. I can hardly walk. It is restricting me from doing my daily activities. My colleague at work has recommended your website and I have been researching a good pair of insoles. I have come across the insoles which I am hoping will solve my problem. I have placed an order today from your website. Hoping to arrive in couple of days so that I can try them. I can't wait for the pain to go away and get back to my normal life.

Garth Spence
24 November 2020  |  18:20

I have painful feet after prolonged standing, previously diagnosed with flat feet after years in military issue footwear. As a keen hiker, severe pain experienced towards the end of the hike (on the decent after 7-8 miles) and then painful heels and stiff ankles and calves for days after. Have used various insoles, but would welcome advice.

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