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Noene Insoles are made from a type of rubber, designed to spread the weight and absorb the shock of impact when the foot is placed on the ground. The material was originally designed for heavy weight machines in a factory or for the tyres of a racing car - it is designed to withstand wear and tear and make sure it absorbs the impact successfully. There are a range of Noene Insoles at Shoe Insoles, ranging from full length insoles to heel pads.

Noene Insoles are designed to withstand the shock of every day life. The rubber material the insoles are designed for is an excellent shock-absorber, transferring the impact into energy and then absorbing it so feet are protected from this shock. Despite the sturdiness of the material, the Noene Insoles are light and thin, making them convenient to wear in a general, everyday way as well as for high impact activities such as playing sports.

Due to the nature of Noene Insoles and the way they are able to absorb the impact, the insoles are able to protect the joints in our feet. The joints are weakened when they are placed under high pressure caused by the impact of putting our feet down on a hard surface. Protection of the joints through the use of the Noene Insoles means that damage is avoided and future conditions may be prevented. The insoles absorb the shock and then is able to disperse the energy rather than it resonating through your entire body.

The viscoelasticity nature of the rubber is what sets it apart from other insoles. The protection it offers makes Noene Insoles a secure and safe insole to use if you are engaged with high impact sports or suffer from joint problems. There are a wide range of Noene Insoles available at Shoe Insoles that all come in a vast range of sizes. Finding the right sized insoles is crucial to provide the correct support for your feet.

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