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How to Improve the Fit of Your Shoes with Insoles

2 Comments22 June 2023

We don't always pick shoes that fit us perfectly. Be it for style, comfort, or simply because the size we need isn't available, the perfect shoe is sometimes not an option. With a multitude of different foot shapes and sizes, for many, finding the perfect fitting shoe is easier said than done.

If you have a pair of shoes that don't fit perfectly, we've put together this guide on How to Improve the Fit of Your Shoes with Insoles. Our product experts have found some of the best insoles in the world to help you ensure that your shoes are fitting comfortably.

How We Can Help You

We've all tried the classic home solutions to poorly-fitting shoes; from wearing thicker socks, to shrinking our shoes in the wash, we've truly seen it all. These so called 'solutions' often end up damaging our shoes at best and our feet at worst, and that's where this blog comes in to save the day!

We have a range of shoe insoles designed to remedy common shoe problems and foot problems, helping you stay light on your feet no matter what. For more recommendations according to foot issues, check out our selection of Shoe Insoles by Condition.

What's Covered in This Blog?

In this blog, we'll discuss the most common foot issues and insole problems, with recommendations for the best shoe insoles to solve them. Click the images below to find out how our products can help you!

Best Insoles for Flat Shoes Best Insoles for Shoes That Rub Best Insoles for Shoes That are Too Big
Best Insoles for High Heels Best Insoles for Women's Shoes Best Insoles for Men's Shoes

Best Insoles for Flat Shoes

Winner: Pro11 Orthotic Insoles with Metatarsal Pad and Arch Support

Pro11 Orthotic Insoles with Metatarsal Pad and Arch Support

Why We Love It:

✔ Creates arches in shoes and feet with no arch support
 Corrects foot posture (flat feet) and overpronation
 Designed by podiatrists for optimum foot alignment

Perfect For:

Shoes with no arch support, such as flats and pumps
 Realigning poor foot posture and arch positioning
 Flat feet, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, heel spurs

Our Verdict: The Pro11 Orthotic Insoles with Metatarsal Pad and Arch Support were designed by podiatrists to alleviate discomfort caused by flat feet and shoes - and the proof is in the pudding. These insoles are the perfect solution to pumps, loafers, and slip-ons that look stylish but offer no arch support. Whether your shoes are simply too flat, or you suffer from health conditions causing flat feet, these insoles provide cushioning under the first metatarsal bone to reduce pressure during propulsion, correcting poor posture whether you're sitting, standing, or doing just about anything.

Customer Verdict: "I have dropped arches and my feet tend to roll inwards when I walk. I have brought these insoles before and find they really help with my problem... I now have them in all my shoes I would definitely recommend them." Christine ★★★★★

Best Insoles for Shoes That Rub

Winner: Sidas Outdoor 3D Insoles

Sidas Outdoor 3D Insoles

Why We Love It:

Makes painful shoes comfortable through moisture wicking
 Shock absorption alleviates pressure to reduce blistering
 Antibacterial micro-fibre decreases sweat, friction and chafing

Perfect For:

Realigning the feet to eliminate pain in sore, rubbing shoes
 Stability on any terrain, no matter how uneven
 Pressure redistribution, enforcing the correct natural gait

Our Verdict: The Sidas Outdoor 3D Insoles prioritise hygiene and foot realignment to make painful shoes comfy again. Antimicrobial layering reduces sweating (and unpleasant odour), to reduce rubbing, while footpads realign pressure throughout the feet to eliminate excess pressure in blister-prone areas. Designed for uneven terrains, these insoles can be worn at home, to the highlands for alleviation of pain, stinky feet and poor posture.

Customer Verdict: "Bought these to replace the very basic insoles that came with my hiking boots, very pleased! Good fit after trimming, good cushioning at the front and back, nice feel on the foot. Recommended!" Dean ★★★★★

Best Insoles for Shoes That are Too Big

Winner: Sorbothane Shock Stopper Double Strike Insoles

Sorbothane Shock Stopper Double Strike Insoles

Why We Love It:

7mm thickness makes large, uncomfortable shoes comfortable
 Moulded heel cups and arch support ensures shoes are filled
 Prevents and alleviated arch pain and fallen arches

Perfect For:

Very uncomfortable shoes that are too big in size
 Sufferers of arch pain and fallen arches
Any activities impacting the forefoot and heel

Our Verdict: The Sorbothane Shock Stopper Double Strike Insoles correct shoes that are large, ill-fitting and uncomfortable. With a chunkier 7mm depth, these insoles fill up shoes that are too large, while the Sorbothane material protects against uncomfortable shoe designs - for example, ones that are hard, rigid, ultra-flat or wedged. It does this by ensuring good 'foot posture' by moulding around the foot to protect heels, arches and fallen arches. For tough, unforgiving shoes, these are an unbeatable option.

Customer Verdict: "These are excellent, been using them for years. Despite being retired I do a lot of walking and spend a lot of time on my feet, and need a good insole to guard against the foot aches and pains one can expect at nearly 70 yo...I have never found anything to fault them, and the price from Shoeinsoles was more competitive than anyone else's." Alan ★★★★★

Best Insoles for High Heels

Winner: Superfeet Women's EASYFIT High Heel Insoles

Superfeet Women's EASYFIT High Heel Insoles

Why We Love It:

Adds comfort to all heeled shoes and footwear
 Micro-suede top layer offers comfort and support
 Superfeet 60 day money-back guarantee 

Perfect For:

Women's shoes including heels and wedges
 Alleviating blisters, rubbing and chafing
 Making sweaty, smelly feet fresh again

Our Verdict: The Superfeet Women's EASYFIT High Heel Insoles alleviate the most common effects of high heels: including rubbing, blistering and chafing. High heels tend to be very tight, causing a number of painful side effects which affect superficial skin tissue right down to causing more serious conditions such as ankle issues and plantar fasciitis. Moreover, these insoles are latex-free, absorb shock and cushion several different areas of the foot including the heel, rearfoot and sides to protect feet where it's needed most - so you can feel as good in your heels as you look in them!

Customer Verdict: "This is such an amazing insole. I am an Ice-Skater and recently my feet have been in agony and thinking that my arches are dropping. Have worn these insoles twice so far and have been pain free. Extraordinary!" Ceri ★★★★★

Best Insoles for Women's Shoes

Winner: Superfeet Berry Insoles for Women

Superfeet Berry Insoles For Women

Why We Love It:

Ideal insoles for women, targets female shoe fit problems
 Thin design offers support and comfort in most shoe types
 Realigns foot positioning for better overall posture

Perfect For:

All women for everyday wear in most shoes
 Plantar fasciitis, heel pain, bunions and ankle sprains
 Breathability for sweaty, smelly feet, reducing blisters

Our Verdict: The Superfeet Berry Insoles for Women offer prevention of, and solutions to the most common female foot issues including morton's neuroma, bunions, heel pain and plantar fasciitis, with a lightweight and thin insole style for everyday use in the majority of footwear types. Using a deep heel cup and biomechanical shape to readjust poor foot alignment, these insoles reduce pressure in vulnerable areas - whether that's caused by female-orientated footwear such as high heels, or as a result of more common women's orthopaedic issues. With odour free coatings and moisture-reducing materials, these insoles keep feet comfortable and clean for reduction of surface-level conditions and deep-tissue injuries.

Customer Verdict: "I bought these insoles after them being recommended by my sister, as I was having a lot of pain with my right knee and ankle. Within a day of wearing them, I was feeling less pain and it was so much easier to walk with a normal gait. I can't recommend these insoles enough, they saved my ankle!" Sharon ★★★★★

Best Insoles for Men's Shoes

Winner: Superfeet Blue Active Insoles

Superfeet Blue Active Insoles

Why We Love It:

Best men's insoles, targeting male-specific foot and shoe issues
 Thin design offers support and comfort in any shoe 
 Lessens additional pains in the back, knees and ankles

Perfect For:

All men and male footwear types, for everyday use 
 Impact injuries, achilles tendonitis, ankle issues
 Breathability for prevention of sweaty, smelly feet

Our Verdict: The Superfeet Blue Active Insoles are the best all-round shoe insoles to prevent common male-orientated foot injuries and issues. These antimicrobial insoles provide long-lasting odour control, reducing fungal infections and in turn reducing likelihood of painful blisters and sores. At the same time, this design reduces impact injuries (of which men are more likely to suffer from) using heel impact technology for pressure redistribution - preventing injuries at any activity level.

Customer Verdict: "When I first used the insoles I was immediately surprised by the level of comfort... there are no pressure points that get sore on my feet anymore. My weight seems to be distributed evenly over the entire base of my feet, giving extra comfort. The material on top that my foot touches is exceptionally easy on the soles of my feet, giving a pleasant smooth footstep." John ★★★★★

The Solution: Insoles for a Better Fit

At ShoeInsoles.co.uk, we have a wide range of shoe insoles for a variety of different conditions and uses. As we're something of an authority on the subject, we're confident this blog will help you find the perfect shoe insoles for your needs.

If the Shoe Fits... Or Doesn't

Why spend so much on a great-looking pair of- shoes, only to dread each wear due to pain and discomfort? If you're tired of the instability, blisters and trip-ups that ill-fitting shoes can cause, it's time to make a change. Simply gauge the amount of help your shoes need to fit, and we're confident one of the above options will be the right insole for the job.

Not convinced, or want to see all of the insoles we have on offer to improve the fit of your shoes? Click here to see our entire range of Insoles to Improve Shoe Fit.

Have a question, or something to add? Tell us about it in the comments section below, or get in touch on Facebook and Twitter!

Shop Our Insoles for a Better Fit

Pedag Merino Full Insoles

Pedag Merino Full Insoles

  • Insoles for shoe temperature regulation
  • Keep feet warm in winter and cool in summer
  • Made with soft angora for excellent comfort
  • Ultra thin design, ideal for narrow shoes
In stock now  In stock now

Poron Grey 6.35mm Thick Insoles

Poron Grey 6.35mm Thick Insoles

  • Economical alternative to many other insoles
  • Available in one size with the option of trimming to fit
  • Cushions shocks of walking and running
  • Allows feet to breathe for reduced discomfort
In stock now  In stock now

Sorbothane Shock Stopper Double Strike Insoles

Sorbothane Shock Stopper Double Strike Insoles

  • Targeted Sorbothane protection with moulded heel cups and arch support
  • Ideal for any activity where the forefoot and heel are subjected to impact
  • Suitable for all sports, hiking, walking, leisure activities and everyday use
  • In-built arch support prevents and alleviates arch pain and fallen arches
In stock now  In stock now

Pedag Viva Sport Insoles

Pedag Viva Sport Insoles

  • Viva insoles designed for sports shoes
  • Features micro-air chambers to reduce impact
  • Metatarsal pad relieves ball of foot pain
  • Available in 13 sizes and suitable for both men and women
In stock now  In stock now

Superfeet Women's EASYFIT High Heel Insoles

Superfeet Women's EASYFIT High Heel Insoles

  • Deluxe Insoles designed for female high heel shoes
  • Micro-suede top layer and cushioning foam that adds comfort to dress shoes
  • Vegan friendly and preservative-free
  • Superfeet 60 day money back guarantee
In stock now  In stock now

Pedag Stop Suede Heel Grips

Pedag Stop Suede Heel Grips

  • Pair of grips designed to keep the heel in place
  • Prevents blisters and irritation caused by rubbing
  • Soft suede leather foundation material
  • Suited for individuals with narrow heels
In stock now  In stock now

Silipos Antibacterial Gel Toe Spreaders (Pack of 6)

Silipos Antibacterial Gel Toe Spreaders (Pack of 6)

  • Releases softening mineral rich oil
  • Antibacterial action for cleanliness
  • Correct deformities between toes
  • Supplied in packs of 6
In stock now  In stock now

09 June 2021  |  13:06

which insole is appropriate for slipping through toes in front, I thought of the 3/4 high heel insoles with metatarsal RISE but you are out of stock. Please advise

Christina Kowalchuk
08 November 2021  |  8:33

Hi. Which insole would you recommend for one boot only? I have a new pair and one fits but the other is too large. Thank you.

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