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Salford Insole

When it comes to the development of Salford Insoles, the company behind their creation focuses on foot health and foot biomechanics.  This means the insoles are all of a high and innovative design and research has been undertaken for each product to ensure it offers the support and comfort required. Salford Insoles have a variety of insoles available at Shoe Insoles in order to offer a different level and type of support depending on the activities being undertaken - whether that be everyday use or high-impact sports. If you require more information about the Salford Insole range available, please contact our support team on 020 7501 1102 or via this website.
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  • Stabilising insoles for foot protection
  • Provides excellent arch support
  • Flexible design allows easier movement
  • Anti-microbial to prevent bad odours

  • Stabilising insoles to help your feet
  • Provides arch support to prevent pain
  • Ideal for sports and heavy activity
  • Anti-microbial to prevent bad odours

  • Specialised insoles for arthritis relief
  • Machine washable for easier cleaning
  • Benefits of a lateral wedge without increasing pronation
  • Flex lines at the forefoot maintain normal toe function

  • The insole provides full support and comfort for the whole foot
  • Offload design means two densities of foam for adjusted support across the foot
  • Helps to reduce foot pain caused by issues such as a pronation
  • Available in UK Shoe Sizes from 4 - 11

  • EVA full length control provides support and comfort for the foot
  • Helps reduce foot pain caused by issues such as pronation
  • Made from a high quality material for durability and support
  • Available in UK shoe sizes from 4 - 11


Page 1 of 1:    5 Items

Salford Insoles was developed back in 2008 after they branched off from the University of Salford foot biomechanics and Podiatry group. The focus for the insoles still remains with the biomechanics of the foot though, with a special interest in feet health. This research is applied to all of the insoles developed so they are ideally suited to the conditions they help aid and provide the best type of support and comfort for the user.

The research continuously undertaken means the insoles are designed to focus on feet health the whole time. This focus does not just help to alleviate the pain and discomfort caused by conditions, but also helps to prevent them from occurring in the first place. The benefit of having the right support can not be underestimated.

There is a wide range of Salford Insoles here at Shoe Insoles. This variation means you can find the insole that is best suited for your needs, whether that is arch support for sporting activities or a highly durable insole to assist with pronation in everyday activities. There is also a wide range of sizes available, helping you to fit your insoles to provide maximum support. The best way to ensure the support and comfort needed is by fitting the insoles to your shoe size so you know it will fit in your shoes correctly.

If you require more information about the Salford Insoles range here at Shoe Insoles, please contact the support team on 020 7501 1102 or send a message via the contact page found on this website.

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