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High Arches

9 January 2024
Best Shoe Inserts 2024

Find the Best Shoe Inserts for you using this handy guide! With a range of inserts for specific conditions, as well as options available for general comfort, you're sure to find a pair that suit your specific needs on ShoeInsoles.co.uk.

1 January 2024
Best Insoles for Arch Pain 2024

Fed up of tired and worn out arches? If Arch Pain is your issue, we've got the solution. Take a look at our Best Insoles for Arch Pain and find a fix that works for you and your feet.

17 October 2023  |  Sharman
Best Insoles with Arch Support

Whether you're avid runner, or on your feet all day at work, arch pain can be a real struggle. We've spoken to podiatrists and customers for this Best Insoles with Arch Support blog to help you to find the perfect insoles.

28 September 2023  |  Sharman
Best Insoles for High Arches 2024

Whether you're a dedicated runner or spend long hours on your feet at work, dealing with high arch discomfort can be a real pain. To help, we've put together this Best Insoles for High Arches guide.

16 December 2022
The Best Insoles for Leg Length Discrepancy Related Conditions

Leg length discrepancy is linked to a wide range of conditions such as plantar fasciitis, over pronation and metatarsalgia, and a difference in leg length can exacerbate each affliction. We've put together a list of our best solutions for combatting both issues.

21 December 2015  |  John
What are High Arch Insoles?

High arch insoles are insoles which have been specifically designed for helping with high arches (also known as cavus foot or pes cavus). They help to provide relief to the pain high arches can cause, and can also help with a range of foot issues, from other conditions to sport performance.

13 Comments17 August 2015  |  Alex
Find Your Foot Condition

If your feet are bothering you but you don't know why, our graphic is the ideal solution. Simply click on the area that is giving you trouble and see our detailed guides on how to combat the conditions.

1 Comment3 August 2015  |  John
What are High Arches?

High arches (also known as cavus foot or pes cavus) are where your arch is arched higher than normal. Itís the opposite of flat feet, much less common and much more problematic. High arches place more strain and pressure on your metatarsal area (the part of your foot between the ankle and the toes.

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