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Copper Insoles

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Original Copper Heeler Insoles

Original Copper Heeler Insoles£29.99  (27)

  • As featured in national newspapers
  • Trusted by thousands of people in the UK
  • A completely natural way for your body to absorb copper
  • Can help pain symptoms of arthritis and joint pain

  • Copper technology prevents spread of fungus and bacteria
  • Well suited to sportspeople who want to prevent foot odour
  • Padded protection in key areas ideal for intense sports
  • Arch bracing ensures a secure fit

Anti-Odour Copper Insoles

Anti-Odour Copper Insoles£6.99  (2)

  • Made from 100% pure natural copper
  • Super-soft, breathable, moisture-wicking material provides comfort throughout the day
  • Bonded copper ions ensure a durable, shock-resistant design
  • Can help to alleviate arthritis and inflammation

  • Features Cupron technology to prevent bad foot odour from spreading
  • Fitted with padded zones to ensure comfort during use
  • Special arch bracing protects key areas and hold sock in place
  • Well suited to users who experience discomfort on long walks

  • Ideal for those with medium or high arch feet
  • Features slow recovery IQ150 memory foam
  • Distributes pressure evenly to stabilise the feet
  • CopperGuard technology that protects against bacteria and odour 

  • Recommended for medium or high arch feet
  • Orthotics providing unsurpassed comfort and performance
  • Advanced antibacterial, anti-fungal CopperGuard technology
  • Customisable Mozaic technology for additional comfort

Airplus Copper Insoles

Airplus Copper Insoles£13.75

  • Copper-infused fabric fibres help relieve pain
  • Helps prevent growth of odour-causing bacteria
  • Slim design ideal for everyday wear in most shoe types
  • Can be trimmed to fit most shoe sizes for optimal fit


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