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Oh no, you’ve done it now, because your doc has just said those terrible words, the words every jogger, runner or healthy pair of feet dreads: Plantar Fasciitis. Why you? Why do bad things happen to good people? Don’t worry, all is not lost, because Shoe has got your back... or your feet.

Support For Hurting Heels

While Plantar Fasciitis might give you plenty reasons to want to find a support group for athletes condemned to a period of pain, our supports have more of a can-do attitude, so stop worrying about aching feet and instead start concentrating on your recovery!

Our Insoles are perfect for feet that can’t slow down no matter how much they hurt. Check out our Top 5 Best Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis for some of the top picks from our range. We know that no matter how much Plantar Fasciitis may try to stop you in your tracks, you’ve got more important things to be getting on with! That’s why all our insoles are durable and versatile, with the majority being ready to use straight out of the box, so you don’t have to give this cruel condition any more time than it deserves!

From heel cushions to three quarter lengths to arch pads, the way you treat your feet is entirely down to you, but whatever method you pick, you can be sure to find it with us!

Sock it to Me

So that’s the daily routine of Plantar Fasciitis sorted, now for the night. Long hours of not moving are particularly unpleasant for sufferers as it lets the muscle grow stiff, making it especially painful to get it moving again the next morning. Luckily we have just the thing to keep your feet in a healthy position that means the morning won’t have you mourning your once-healthy feet. It’s also as simple and as comfortable as pulling on a sock!

Please Visit Our Plantar Fasciitis Category for More Plantar Fasciitis Insoles

Our Night Socks or Strassburg Socks both provide an ingenious way to keep feet comfortable, simply slip the sock on, attach the toe strap to the fastener at the knee and enjoy the least taxing form of exercise you’ve ever had. Yes, these socks simulate the same stretches recommended for aching heels, while you sleep! Holding the foot up towards the body keeps it in a neutral position where the plantar fascia is gently stretched throughout the night. As well as lessening the pain that plagues Plantar Fasciitis-suffering feet every morning, free of morning pain, you can also perform the morning stretches recommended for this condition with greater ease – just consider your socks a warm up!

Splendid Splints

If a sock doesn’t do it for you, why not try a splint? While they make look like serious devices more akin to broken bones than aching heels, they keep your foot in a precise position throughout the night, ensuring a greater level of immobilisation so that no matter how much you toss and turn in the night, your foot will still be perfectly poised for a pain-free morning.

Whether you want support from the front or from the back, a durable model or a soft deluxe build for the ultimate comfort, we’re sure to have the perfect splint-fit for you!

Band Aid

For those looking for yet more ways to treat Plantar Fasciitis, we have Arch Support Bands, elasticated bands that wrap around your arches for total support. These brilliant little bands give a close skin fit allowing them to fit into almost any shoe and are ideal for wear as you begin to get back into sports. Because of their tight fit, they also give excellent compression, boosting circulation and helping the muscle warm up quicker and reducing pain.

Needing some help and support for hurting heels? Visit our Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis now to find your perfect way to make feet feel better!

  • Strong, medical-grade support
  • Deep heel cradle to increase stability
  • Ideal for Plantar Fasciitis, Arch, ankle and knee pain
  • Friction reducing top fabric

  • Innovative plantar relief bridge provides targeted support to the plantar fascia
  • Designed to relieve the arch pain associated with plantar fasciitis
  • Soft gel heel pad for reduced heel pain from heel spurs
  • Enhanced heel cup for motion control, stability and correct foot position

  • Long-lasting & comfortable
  • Motion control and stability
  • For pain from Plantar Fasciitis
  • Gel heel relieves pain from heel spurs


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