What Are Height Increasing Insoles?

Tuesday, 22 December 2015  |  Admin

Did you know that an approximate 60% of the population have some sort of discrepancy between their leg lengths? For most people the difference in height between either limb is so subtle that they are perfectly likely to go through life never noticing it. For those who do, though, help is at hand (or foot!). Our height increasing insoles are easy to use to give you the boost you need, and because they’re from us, they’re also fantastically comfortable ways to keep your feet healthy and happy!

Shoe Could Be Lifted From the Shallows

If you are able to see – or more importantly, feel – the difference in your legs, then you’re probably not unfamiliar with back aches, sore hips, aching arches and a host of other pains that come from suffering from an unbalanced gait. Leaving your uneven legs uncorrected will only stand to make these symptoms worse, especially as Leg Length Discrepancy is not simply a condition that temporarily affects you but a life-long issue with the way your limbs grow. Leaving a little leg to compensate for its lacking height without any corrective assistance can lead to issues not only with the leg itself but with the foot, where it spends the majority of the time on tip-toes not unlike how feet unnaturally flex to fit in high heels.

Height increasing insoles take a load off your feet, by placing it on your shoes instead. The simple reasoning behind these foot-raising insoles has a huge effect on feet, legs, hips and backs! Simply insert one of these insoles into the shoe of your smaller leg and let the insole boost you up to even footing. No more unbalanced hips, overly-stretched arches or aching backs! With insoles being just that easy to use, you have no excuse for leaving your little leg to work so hard!

High There

Our online store features a range of insoles for you to choose from to get leg lengths even and your feet, backs and hips happy.  The Clearly Adjustable range, available as full length insoles or heel lifts the offer as much as 18mm of lift where you need it. Adjustable in 1mm increments, these vinyl insoles are comfortable and durable, and won’t crush underfoot or lose their height through use.

The Podotech EVA Heel lifts offer an affordable way to fix your feet and offer 3mm, 6mm and 12mm of height. Adhesive backs make them easy to install and to ensure that they stay right where you want them. For those wanting a truly perfect fit, they can also be trimmed to sit precisely in the shoe of your choice.

For those who are sick of having Leg Length Discrepancy raising hell on their feet, why not try the Heel Raisers from Formthotics. Offer 6mm of height adjustment, these highly comfortable insoles can also help treat calf and heel pain, both of which you’re little leg is certain to be familiar with.

Don’t let a little leg become a big problem, try our leg length discrepancy insoles over at our online store today and get on the level of comfort!

  • For leg length discrepancy
  • Clear, durable vinyl
  • Fine control of elevation for customised comfort
  • Available in 3 sizes

  • Combats leg length discrepancy where one leg is shorter than the other
  • Fully adjustable in 1mm height increments
  • Can elevate foot height and leg length by up to 18mm
  • Fits most shoes and can be trimmed to fit perfectly

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