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Zederna: Great Insoles, Naturally

5 November 2015

Plantar Fasciitis, Sesamoidosis, Pronation we’ve got those problems well and truly covered at Shoe Insoles, but what about the less serious but seriously unwanted problem of foot odour – surely there’s not an insole for that? Well, yes, there is – Zederna!

Wood You Believe It?

No foot problem is too small for an insole to solve and Zederna well and truly does that when it comes to eliminating foot odour. Made of 100% natural materials, the insoles combine a cedar wood top layer with a cotton underside, making for a thin, comfortable yet highly effective insole that slips seamlessly into any shoe.

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Ideal for male and female footwear, the insoles can be trimmed to fit and quickly adapt to your foot for everyday wear and all-day performance!

Germ-busting Insoles From Germany

Designed and produced in Menden, Germany, these innovative insoles are the product of a family business that has 10 years of experience and over 20,000 happy customers! When a product contains so few materials, it’s important to get it right, and Zederna carefully selects the wood to go into their naturally good insoles so they can do good in your shoes!

Not only anti-bacterial and 100% natural, Zederna insoles are incredibly thin at only 1.3mm! Super flexible to adapt to your foot and your shoe, they provide a comfortable fit while giving great performance.

A Tree-t for Your Feet

Thanks to cedar wood’s natural antibacterial properties, sweat is effectively absorbed, leaving no dampness within the shoe in which for odour to develop, so your feet can be as fresh pulling your shoes on in the morning as they are kicking them off at night!

Toes stricken by Athlete’s Foot can also breathe a sigh of relief as the fungus-creating bacteria that causes this unpleasant condition is neutralised by the naturally bacteria-fighting softwood, with Zederna on side Athlete’s Foot will soon be a thing of the past.

1) Without Zederna

Feet sweat naturally creating a moist in-shoe environment. This unsettles the natural balance of skin bacteria in an unhealthy way, resulting in foot odour, itchy skin, and fungal infections.

2) With Zederna

The Cedarsoles absorb sweat and moisture keeping the in-shoe micro-climate dry and comfortable. In addition, the cedarwood’s antibacterial/ antifungal properties protect the skin and feet. As a result, foot odour, athlete’s foot, and nail fungus are eliminated and prevented.

Getting to the Root of the Problem

The cause of odour or Athlete’s Foot is bacteria inside the shoe, Zederna combats this issue directly, neutralising bacteria and sweat by absorbing them, allowing the foot to stay dry and fresh.  With most cases of Athlete’s Foot being treated with messy, greasy or expensive sprays, creams or even tablets, Zederna offer a simple to use, completely non-invasive way of curing feet in need of some care, and all with the ease of a single application.

So while your feet may not be suffering from over-work or under-pronation, don’t think insoles can’t help you with over abundant foot odour! We have a great range of comfort insoles to help your feet feel their best, because while a little odour may not be painful, we know it can still be a real pain!

Ready to give Zederna a try? Head over to our online store and let Zederna make your feet feel good, naturally.

Zederna Original Natural Cedarsoles Insoles for Sweaty Feet

Zederna Original Natural Cedarsoles Insoles for Sweaty Feet

  • Ultra thin natural cedar wood insoles for sweaty feet
  • Ideal for most shoes, with or without socks, on anyone who has sweaty feet
  • Moisture absorbing and antibacterial for reducing foot odour and bad smells
  • Naturally shoe deodorising for a pleasant cedar scene
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