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Introduction to Insoles for Athlete’s Foot

8 July 2015  |  John

Athlete’s Foot is a fungal infection of the foot that usually develops as a red rash between your toes. Another major symptom of Athlete's Foot is skin becoming flaky, dry and irritated.

Athlete's Foot usually comes about as a result of picking up fungal organisms from someone else’s dead skin, which can happen by walking barefoot in a swimming pool changing room, for example. People who sweat more are more likely to become infected due to the warm and humid environment this sweat can create in shoes — the perfect breeding-ground for bacteria. Fungal infections can spread to other parts of your body quickly, so it is important that athlete’s foot is dealt with as soon as possible. Luckily the condition can be easily treated and there are many things that you can do to prevent recrudescence, including using an anti-bacterial insole.

Removing Moisture

By using the right shoe insole, you can help to wick away the moisture your feet normally produce while wearing shoes for an extended period. It is this moisture which allows the fungus that causes athlete’s foot to spread and multiply at such an alarming rate. By getting rid of the moisture you can also prevent the condition from spreading, allowing other treatments such as anti-fungal creams to be even more effective.

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Microbial Coating

Insoles with microbial coating can also help with athlete’s foot by stopping the insole from absorbing germs and fungus, including the fungus responsible for athlete’s foot. Due to this anti-bacterial coating, the insole stays hygienic and clean, which makes your shoes a less hospitable area for the unwanted fungus. The microbial coating of our insoles for Athlete's Foot also have the added bonus of making shoes more fresh and prevents excessive foot odour.

Killing Germs

Some of the insoles available for fighting Athlete's Foot feature an lining of silver ion, ideal for giving extra protection to your shoes. Silver ion linings effectively kill germs, bacteria and fungus, stopping them from spreading around your feet. The same technology is used in air purifiers and refrigerators with similar effect — if it can keep your food fresh, why not try it on your feet as well?

Choosing the correct insole for athlete's foot can give you all of these benefits and ensure that your feet are kept as fresh as possible. If Athlete's Foot is a recurring problem for you, you might find that utilising the right insoles can help prevent fresh break-outs of the condition as well as dealing with existing fungi.

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