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Tarrago Outdoor Insoles: Putting High Performance Within Your Reach

Thursday, 11 January 2018  |  Admin

Tarrago has been producing high-quality shoe care products since 1940. The company remains a worldwide leader in its industry today, with its products sold in over 70 countries across the globe. Tarrago's product range includes a line of shoe insoles designed specifically for athletes and adventurers. This range - called Tarrago Outdoor - features eight anatomical insoles with state-of-the-art materials for exceptional support, protection and comfort. Read on to find out more about Tarrago Outdoor insoles and how they can enhance your performance.

Tarrago Outdoor insoles range of products

Each of Tarrago's Outdoor insoles is made up of a number of layers of different materials, each of which adds to the supportive and protective function of the insole. The materials used include:

DryTech Fabric

Most of the insoles in the Outdoor range have an upper cover made from DryTech fabric, a revolutionary 2-ply material that is durable, breathable and waterproof. It creates an insole that is hard-wearing, wicks sweat, dries quickly and ventilates your feet to keep them cool. The Tarrago Outdoor Cycling Shoes, for example, helps you keeping pedalling for longer by preventing perspiration from soaking into your shoes.

Latex Gel

Latex gel technology is featured in the Tarrago Outdoor Trekking, Tennis and Running insoles. A layer of latex gel sits underneath the forefoot to enhance the propulsive function of your metatarsal (the long thin bones in the middle of your toes) to improve your balance and enhance your power when you move forward on your feet. 

This pad also absorbs shock when your feet make contact with a hard surface, and in doing so reduces the amount of impact that your feet take. This is particularly important in a sports insole for tennis, running or hiking because feet experience a great deal of impact during these sports, and, if not adequately protected, you're more likely to suffer foot, knee and back pain.

Breathable Foam 

Included in the Outdoor Tennis, Trekking, Football and Rugby, Running and Cycling insoles, this anti-bacterial material inhibits the growth of bacteria within the insole to keep them fresher for longer. This layer also thermo-regulates feet, meaning that it helps to keep feet cool in summer and warm in winter.

Aluminium Support

This structure is featured in the Trekking and Tennis insoles. It improves the supportive function of the insole to prevent foot fatigue. It is designed to provide exceptional support, while still remaining lightweight and flexible so that it doesn't inhibit the movement of your foot or reduce your ability to perform at your peak.

Visco Foam 

The Outdoor Running Insoles feature a layer of visco foam to absorb shock at the heel. It is positioned underneath the heel because this is where the foot takes the most impact during running, and is therefore the part of the foot that needs the most protection. This visco foam layer also assists with balance to enhance your stability on your feet and improve your performance.

Air Foam Aluminium

Air foam aluminium is used in the Outdoor Ski Insoles. This layer sits beneath a warm and soft wool layer and assists in isolating the foot against cold and moisture to keep them warm and dry when you're on the slopes.

If you're serious about sports, consider getting yourself a pair of Tarrago Outdoor insoles. Click here to view these insoles in our store.

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