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Podotech: Slotting Insoles Together One Piece At A Time

17 November 2015

We all know how hard it is to find the right level of support for your feet. Custom made insoles are great, but they are too expensive for the average person. Right? Wrong.

Podotech have developed a range that enables you to customise your insoles but at the price of over-the-counter insoles. You select the insole base you need, then build up from there. The number of different components available means you can find the right support for your feet without paying a fortune.

Podotech are all about affordable solutions for the everyday person and this is what they have been able to provide.

Who Are Podotech?

Podotech are all about saving money where and when they can without skimping on the quality of their products. Podotech believe they have the answers to all of the world’s problems – or at least all of the problems focused on feet.

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They’re not just about the money though. They are about finding solutions to the issues that have plagued the modern day foot since the start of modern times. They believe in finding simple solutions that can be applied in everyday life rather than baffling the mind with complicated technology that has no guarantee of working.

The range of products are wide-spread: from heel raisers to toe separators, they cover the whole foot. As mentioned, they intend to rid the world of foot problems. That means having the range to be able to combat all the different issues that may arise.

Podotech Express Kit – DIY Insoles

Podotech have a range of insoles that aren’t quite complete. At least, not until you start putting the pieces together to construct the right insole for you.

The sole base can be anything from flat to ideal for supination support. Then you add the wedges and raises, supports and pads by following the template and what do you end up with? Not a jigsaw puzzle gone wrong, but an insole ideally suited for your needs. It has all the right support in all the right places.

It is hardly surprising Algeos took on Podotech. They have the right idea when it comes to custom made orthotics, especially considering the more than affordable price.

Everyday solutions for everyday people at everyday prices. It looks like Podotech managed to achieve their dream of keeping things affordable. Now they just have to make good on their promise of saving the world, one foot at a time.

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Podotech Flat Base Insole Express Kit

Podotech Flat Base Insole Express Kit

  • Base for customisation with pads, bars and wedges
  • Non-slip bottom enhances stability inside shoe
  • Designed to target a range of specific conditions
  • 2mm thickness on forefoot and 3mm thickness on heel
In stock now  In stock now

Podotech Stars Regulus Insoles

Podotech Stars Regulus Insoles

  • Suede bottom prevents slippage once in the shoe
  • Leatherette cover allows the insole to be wiped clean after use
  • Heel cup provides additional support for the user
  • Thermo-mouldable nylon shell makes the insole feel like a custom-made one
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