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Our Best Ankle Foot Orthotics (AFOs)

13 April 2022

Foot drop (sometimes referred to as drop foot) is a general term referring to difficulty lifting, raising or moving the front part of the foot. Foot drop has a number of root causes and is primarily a symptom associated with another condition. Thankfully for sufferers, foot drop can be corrected through the use of an Ankle Foot Orthotic (AFO)

AFOs sit underneath the foot like an insole and connect at the front or rear of the ankle to provide stability and prevent the foot drooping down. There are different types of AFO, each with individual benefits and characteristics.

Our Most Popular Rehabilitation AFO

Boxia Drop Foot AFO BraceThe Boxia Drop Foot AFO Brace is our most popular AFO for individuals suffering with foot drop or forefoot and ankle instability. The Boxia Brace enhances rehabilitation by connecting the ankle strap to the front of your shoe, creating a strong and stable connective band.

Why We Love It:

  • Our most popular AFO treatment option for drop foot
  • Dynamic splint uses an innovative 2-part wrap around design
  • Raises the forefoot to provide clearance during the lift phase of your gait

Our Most Durable AFO

Swedish Extra Strong AFOIf you're after durability for long walks, hiking or light exercise, look no further than the Swedish AFO Extra Strong Foot Drop Ankle and Foot Support. Manufactured with acetal polyoxymethylene copolymer, the Extra Strong Swedish AFO is ideal for the active individual.

Why We Love It:

  • Durability focused for the individual combining rehabilitation with an active lifestyle
  • Manufactured with polyoxymethylene copolymer means it's guaranteed to last
  • Seamless application is enhanced by large and wide ankle strap

Our Lightweight AFO Option

Bodymedics Swedish AFOThe Bodymedics Swedish AFO is the lightest ankle foot orthotic we supply. Made from sleek and slender polypropylene, the Bodymedics AFO is ideal for those suffering from conditions like sciatica, nerve injury and ankle instability which require a more inobtrusive brand of support.

Why We Love It:

  • Excellent lightweight and inobtrusive style of support
  • Low profile arch allows the AFO to fit inside almost any shoe
  • Heat modifiable/customisable for a tailored fit

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