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Orthosole: Insoles Designed By You

13 July 2015  |  John

Orthosole was founded by England cricketer Ronnie Irani and leading podiatrist Martin Trautmann, combining to create a range of insoles that are great for everyone. One day, Ronnie had the idea to create a universal shoe insole for less than the cost of a custom insole. Martin shared this idea and, by liaising with one of the best biomechanics teams on the planet, they developed OrthoSoles.

Customisable Insoles At Home

Most shoe insoles are sold as-is; designed for a generalised idea of what a foot needs while ignoring the fact that every foot needs something different. Orthosole insoles are different — every important part of the insole can be swapped out for a different density. If you need a firmer metatarsal support but a softer arch support, you can have it for a fraction of the cost of a completely custom insole.

Thanks to the removable metatarsal pads and arch pads, the Orthosole insoles can be adjusted by you at home; no visit to a foot specialist for customisation needed. Please be aware that if you are experiencing persistent foot pain, we would advise that you consult with a specialist before you start to treat yourself.

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Advanced Cushioning

One of the most important things in developing Orthosole was to ensure that the material used was the best possible. To that end, the second layer of Orthosole insoles is Poron Urethane. This is one of the most shock absorbing materials for insoles available today and provides fantastic weight distribution of your feet.

As well as giving leading impact protection, Poron Urethane conforms itself to the shape of your foot, providing maximum comfort and the best possible fit.

Banish Bacteria

Orthosole insoles feature an Agion microbial coating on the top layer. This prevents the insole from becoming a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus, which in turn reduces the chance of fungal conditions such as athlete’s foot developing and spreading. Alongside making your shoes a more hygienic environment, the Agion coating also reduces foot odour, making your feet smell as fresh and as healthy as the rest of you.

Alongside the Agion coating, the top cover of Orthosole insoles feature fibres that help cool feet and reduce moisture, which as well as making your feet more comfortable helps to further reduce the chance of fungus spreading.

The Right Shape For Your Shoe

Alongside the customisable nature of the insoles, Orthosole realises that one shape does not fit all. After consumer feedback they developed the 3/4 length insole for shoes with a tighter fit, meaning more people could have an insole which best fit their needs. Each shoe insole comes in a version for men and women, which gives even more specificity to their insoles.

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