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Introduction to Copper Insoles

8 July 2015  |  John

Copper insoles are exactly what they sound like; insoles made from copper. They are designed to help people with joint pain and rheumatoid arthritis (RA) — it is estimated that about 646,000 people in the UK suffer from RA, a condition that causes inflammation and constant joint pain. Copper has been used for centuries as a home remedy for arthritis and joint pain and copper insoles have been utilised for many years as a solution to this problem.

How do Copper Insoles Work?

There is no single clear reason why copper insoles help to relive joint pain. However, the leading explanation as to why they work is that the feet absorb the copper in the insoles and it is circulated around the body.

The body uses copper to form red blood cells and keep blood vessels and bones clean. There is also mounting evidence that copper works as an anti-inflammatory, which makes it perfect for combating the symptoms of RA.

However, as the body ages its ability to absorb minerals such as copper is decreased, and it is believed that many elderly people are deficient in copper. By absorbing the copper from the insoles, older people can help to address that imbalance.

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Do Copper Insoles Work?

While there have been few scientific studies done to investigate the effects of copper insoles on RA, the majority of people who use them swear by them. A small study done by Professor Albert Singer of London’s Whittington Hospital found that 96% of 230 arthritis sufferers who were given the copper insoles reported an improvement in symptoms.

There have been many articles in newspapers about RA sufferers who have found that copper insoles have given them their life back, from a mother of three who after using copper insoles was able to prepare for a half marathon, to actress Kathleen Turner, who was able to walk pain-free thanks to the insoles

Are There any Risks of Using Copper Insoles?

Copper insoles are a drug-free product and as a result are perfectly safe to use. Even the medical director of Arthritis Research UK, Professor Alan Silman has said that even though the scientific evidence for the efficacy of copper treatments is lacking, they do not cause harm and sufferers have reported success.

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