Insoles for Peep Toe Shoes

Monday, 17 September 2018

Shoe insoles come with endless benefits and can help you out with virtually any foot-related problem, from painful heels and bunions, to calluses and unpleasant odour. Yet in spite of their next-to-magical properties, certain insoles can prevent you from wearing the shoes you love.

Insoles for Peep Toe Shoes
Finding insoles for open-toed shoes can be tricky

If your shoes of choice often include sandals, high heels or even peep toe shoes, you need to pay special attention to the design of your insoles, ensuring they will remain invisible no matter what you choose to wear. We've decided to put together this list of Insoles for Peep Toe Shoes to help you find insoles that are guaranteed to stay hidden even in open-toed shoes, while keeping your feet comfortable and supported.

Woly Disco Queen Gel Pads

Woly Disco Queen Gel PadsThe best place to start is with insoles that have been designed specifically for your high heels. The Woly Disco Queen Gel Pads are made with clear gel that becomes invisible once on, and are perfect for all types of evening shoes. In spite of their discreet design, however, they provide soft cushioning that prevents ball of foot pain, or burning feet after hours in high heels. Moreover, they will stop your feet from sliding inside the shoe, and lessen the pressure placed on the front of the foot when in high heels.

Key Features: Invisible once on; provide soft cushioning; stop feet from slipping and sliding; lessen pressure placed on the front of the foot

Pedag Viva Mini Collapsed Arch Insoles

Pedag Viva Mini Collapsed Arch InsolesIf you're dealing with a slightly more specific foot problem, but still want to continue wearing the shoes you love, the Pedag Viva Mini Collapsed Arch Insoles are your answer. These 3/4 length insoles support the arches of the feet to prevent collapsed arches, and alleviate pain caused by already collapsed arches. Their innovative design, however, ensures you can wear them in a range of shoes, even open-toed ones due to the anatomically shaped length.

Key Features: Ideal for collapsed arches; suitable for all open-toed shoes; made from fine leather; lightweight and small design

Airplus Gel Ball-of-Foot Cushions

Airplus Gel Ball-of-Foot CushionsHigh heels often cause feet to slide forward, placing additional pressure on the ball of your foot. The Airplus Gel Ball-of-Foot Cushions are clear and invisible half insoles that ensure discreet use in most shoes, helping to ensure ball-of-foot comfort even in high heels. They can easily be affixed with the adhesive underside to the forefoot area of your favourite pair, and stay in place for hours. With these gel pads, both your nine-to-five shoes and your party heels can be improved for ongoing comfort.

Key Features: Designed for ball-of-foot comfort; invisible and highly discreet; ideal for wearing in most styles of shoes

Airplus Save My Soles Gel Insoles

Airplus Save My Soles Gel InsolesThe Airplus Save My Soles Gel Insoles are just as discreet as the cushions mentioned above, but offer comfortable cushioning not only for the ball of your foot, but the heel as well. This targeted relief helps to concentrate the support these insoles provide to the two key areas of the foot where pain can strike the most often as a result of being on your feet all day. Made from a clear and invisible material that remains discreet even with peep toe shoes, these insoles won't make you choose between comfort and style.

Key Features: Offer cushioning to the heel and the ball of the foot; exceptionally discreet and suitable even for open-toed shoes

Sidas City+ Lady Insoles

Sidas City+ Lady InsolesWhile the insoles mentioned above all offer answers to rather specific problems, the Sidas City+ Lady Insoles are perfect for keeping your feet comfortable throughout the day. They can help to combat tired feet, blisters, heel pain, friction and rubbing on the soles of your feet that may lead to calluses. Though not clear as most insoles for open-toed shoes, the Lady Insoles are cleverly shaped in a way that helps them remain invisible in all closed heels as well as peep toes.

Key Features: Keep feet comfortable throughout your day; light and breathable; remain discreet in all types of shoes

Not all insoles are suitable for high heels, and even fewer remain perfectly invisible even in open-toed shoes. If you want to be 100% sure that your insoles will stay hidden when wearing peep toe shoes, we recommend you pick one of the products from this list. We do, however, also offer an ever broader range of High Heel Insoles that are highly discreet and more often than not suitable even for open-toed shoes.

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Sidas City+ Lady Insoles

Sidas City+ Lady Insoles£30.00

  • Designed to be worn in high heeled shoes
  • Support to the arch of the foot
  • Can help to combat heel pain, tired feet and excess foot pressure
  • Ideal for all closed high heels and peep toes

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