How to Stop Shoes from Rubbing the Top of Your Foot

Thursday, 16 August 2018

If your shoes rub on the top of your foot the effect can range from mildly irritating to somewhat dangerous. Blisters can ruin your day and can make walking difficult, while the repeated use of ill-fitting shoes can cause calluses or bunions to develop. These conditions can become serious so if you, like many others, suffer from rubbing on the top of your feet, it's time to tackle the problem head first.

Rubbing on the Top of the Foot Causes Blisters
Rubbing on the top of the foot can lead to injury

We understand how frustrating it is to buy some new shoes that cause great pain and discomfort on the top of your foot, so we decided to ask our experts for what they believe can be a solution to the problem. Using a mix of home remedies that are proven true and new innovative methods, we've created this list detailing How to Stop Shoes from Rubbing the Top of Your Foot.

How to Stop Shoes from Rubbing on the Top of Your Foot

We would recommend waiting and testing different methods before you purchase new shoes. The chance is the pain can be prevented through taking certain steps and often the issue isn't just related to your foot.

Prevent Slipping

One reason for pain on the top of the foot is that your shoe is slippery and awkward to walk on. There is a simple way to prevent this, which is to rub sandpaper onto the bottom of your shoe, as this will make the surface more even but also provide more traction. This usually happens in time anyway, but new shoes are notable for causing pain to your feet because of their slippery performance.

Wear a Protective Sleeve

One way to beat blisters on the top of your foot from forming is to wear a protective sleeve on your foot. We would recommend the Silipos Gel Skate Bite Foot Bridge Protector Sleeve as this uses a gel pad that prevents the foot from rubbing, while cushioning the body against impact, pressure and shear forces.

Silipos Gel Skate Bite Foot Protector Sleeve

Silipsos Gel Bite Protector Sleeve reduces blister risk

An alternative to this is the dermatologically tested GelSmart M-Gel Dorsum Protection Sleeve, which works to reduce pressure, shear forces and friction on the top of the foot while cushioning against footwear. it is washable and slightly thinner than the Silipsos Sleeve, meaning that you retain excellent levels of dexterity.

GelSmart M-Gel Dorsum Protection Sleeve

GelSmart Dorsum Protection Sleeve cushions foot against the shoe

Stretch Your Shoe

One of the reasons why your shoe might be hurting the top of your foot is because it isn't quite the right size for you. You stretch your shoe by filling a freezer bag full of water, placing it in the shoe then in the freezer, then removing the shoe from the freezer before defrosting the water. Once the water has defrosted, you can remove the bags, and your shoes should be at a more acceptable size.

Try to Prevent Blisters

It may seem like common sense but protecting against blisters is a key way to prevent against pain on the top of your foot. However, the top of your foot isn't a great place for a plaster as it can become creased and come off. This is why the Compeed Foot Care Anti-Blister Stick is effective in helping to reduce friction and blistering by preventing chafing, while providing dignity through the discreet, invisible nature of the lubricating formula.

Anti-Blister Lubricant Reduces Chafing Risk

Compeed Foot Care Anti-Blister Stick

Break in Your Shoe

If you're struggling to break in your shoe, try wearing it for limited periods around the house before embarking on any uneven ground. If this doesn't work, try hair drying your shoes while flexing your foot inside of the shoe as this will stretch and bend the material around your foot. Don't do this for too long otherwise you can damage your shoes, but a small amount of work can leave your shoes feeling comfy.

Try Top of the Foot Support

One last option is to use support on the top of your foot to prevent pressure and friction. The Pedag Supra Tongue Pads cushion the top of the foot and prevent pain that is caused by excess pressure. The Supra Pads are extremely soft, and use foam to create an enjoyable shoe-wearing experience.

Supra Tongue Pads Relieve Pressure

Pedag Supra Tongue Pads relieve pressure on the top of the foot

Prevent Rubbing for Good

Through the use of a number of simple techniques and intervention methods, you can prevent rubbing on the top of your foot. We recommend that if the problem is getting worse you visit a doctor as it could be a sign of an underlining health condition, and if you're getting blisters, try exploring our wide range of Blister Prevention products.

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