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How to Find Your Perfect Insoles with ShoeInsoles.co.uk

1 March 2022

Finding the right pair of shoe insoles can often seem impossible. If you're in pain then you know something needs to change, but with so many brands, shapes and sizes out there, how do you know which insole is right for you? Whether you play football or tennis, or you suffer with a common condition like plantar fasciitis, Morton's neuroma or heel pain, we've got you covered. 

Before You Start...

You need to understand why you require insoles in the first place. A really easy way of finding out is to simply locate the area of the foot that's causing you pain. We've put together a Shoe Insoles by Area Category to make finding targeted relief a little easier. 

Some of the most painful and common conditions we stock insoles for are:

If you're unsure of your condition, we've got an easy-to-use guide to Find Your Foot Condition.

Step One: Understand Your Needs

Start by collecting some of the following information. The more you know about what you're looking for, the easier your search is going to be:

  • Know Your Condition: If you have a pre-existing condition, it's vital you shop for an insole that is going to correct it properly. Click here to view our condition guide
  • Know Your Activity: Think about the level of strain, stress and impact you place on your feet. For example, an insole that adds cushioning might not necessarily be the correct choice for a cyclist.
  • Know Your Shoe Size: Naturally, it's important you know your shoe size so your insoles fit the shoes you're going to be wearing.
  • Know Your Shoe Style: An insole designed for high-heels isn't going to do much for a professional athlete.
  • Know Your Arch Type: Your arch type determines how much support the middle of your foot is going to need. Click here to find your arch type.

Step Two: Find the Right Category

On our ShoeInsoles.co.uk homepage, we've made searching for a new pair of insoles as easy as possible. We've sectioned our huge range into a number of useful, smaller categories.

Take a look around and find the right category for your condition, sport or comfort requirements. You can also take a look inside a few of our most popular ones listed below:

Step Three: Refine Your Results

Once you've found the category for you, you'll see a large selection of insoles all carefully selected to suit your application. With so many options, choosing can still seem a daunting task. Thankfully, it couldn't be easier.

Simply scroll down and you'll find a section on the left hand side that allows you to refine your results. This menu lets you trim and filter down the available selection based on your choice of:

  • Brand
  • Condition
  • UK Shoe Size
  • Style
  • Foot Area
  • Price

An Example of Where to Find the Refine Feature
The refine feature is found on the left-hand side of the categories

Step Four: Choose Your Insole!

Now that you've stripped the products that don't suit your feet away, you're left with insoles that are exactly right for your condition, shoe size and application.

To help you make a final decision, we stay committed to showcasing reviews on all our products. You can view these by scrolling to the bottom of each and every page to see what our customers have to say!

Valuable Information

If you're still struggling, we're constantly updating our valuable Knowledge Centre which can help you better understand a wide range of conditions, insole types and much, much more. See below to find a selection of our most helpful pages from over there:

For more information or to get in touch with us, please visit our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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