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Find Your Foot Condition

13 Comments17 August 2015  |  Alex

Find Your Foot Condition

Shona Heather
08 June 2017  |  19:00

Hi I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome and I'm not sure which type of insole I need, the in my feet is just behind my toes and pain in the ball of my foot is severe and I also can get blister bubble as friction causes immense heat, I'm looking for something that I can use in sandals gives pain relief with no friction! Can you help?

Anthony Walters
01 October 2017  |  20:47

I'm getting terrible pain in my feet after standing for a while especially in the metatarsal area and also stinging in the tips of my middle toes. What could be the cause of this. Regards A walters

02 October 2017  |  15:42

Hi Anthony,

If you are suffering from chronic foot pain, we would have to recommend that you see a specialist for a full and accurate diagnosis of your condition.

From your symptoms, however, it sounds as though you may be suffering from Morton's Neuroma. This is a condition that occurs when a nerve between your feet becomes inflamed.

Once again, I must stress that I am not medically trained and that it is important that you consult a medical professional. To find out more about Morton's Neuroma, please see our guide in the knowledge centre.

Best wishes,

Alex at ShoeInsoles.co.uk

Ms P Brennan
14 October 2017  |  14:43

Hi. I have been diagnosed with hallux rigidus, and have been given a pair of Slimflex Simple insoles. Having looked through your site, it would seem that a more specialist pair such as the RSL Steeper hallux rigidus insoles would be a far better choice. I can't really see how the Slimflex Simple would even help. What would you recommend?

Ruth Wylie
22 October 2017  |  10:27

I would be grateful if you could let me know if you have any products suitable for intoeing. I am a 43 years old.

Kind regards

Ruth Wylie

Beverley Porter
08 July 2018  |  23:27

hi i have a problem with the ball of my foot it splits and becomes very painful i already wear the pedag arch supports so is there anything i can use along side of the arch supports to cushion just under the ball of my foot

09 July 2018  |  9:07

Hi Beverley,

Thanks for getting into contact with us. I would recommend, rather than another Shoe Insoles, that you take a look at our selection of creams and gels for cracked heels (available here: https://www.shoeinsoles.co.uk/creams-and-gels.html). These should help to protect and repair the damaged skin.

I hope that this helps!

Best wishes,

Alex at ShoeInsoles.co.uk

Bill Watters
27 July 2018  |  11:59

No matter what shoes I wear I get a pain on the ball of my foot. My chiropodist suggests getting insoles as the shoes I am wearing (Nike trainers) have practically no padding in their soles. I have bought insoles but after trimming them to size I couldn't get my foot into the shoe. I'm an elderly male {84) with a UK size 9. Suggestions please.

VIC Mills
26 April 2019  |  13:52

I have bought a pack of 10 Low density High raise rubber Metatarsal pads,
I will stick them with double sided tape, But really need to know where the have to be placed as they need to be in the right place, have you any info where they must be fitted.

Nafisa Umerji
30 May 2020  |  22:13

Hi i have got lower back pain even I standup for little while than pain starting in my lower back..please help me which insole is best for me

Roy Mills
22 January 2021  |  15:47

hi I have just purchased Gaitway full length insoles as suggested by my podiatrist following a zoom meeting due to covid, However, the heel wedges that come with them do not come with any instructions for use, My left ankle and foot are both swollen and the pain seems to come from my instep. Any help would be welcome.

Mary Pilkington
13 April 2021  |  11:26

I suffered a bad sprain in the ankle in my late teens. Am now 88 yrs old The right ankle is now considerably swollen over the years, I also gey pain in the tendon at the back of the heel,and a little pain in the bottom of the heel.

Anything to suggest for this wreak of an ankle.?

22 September 2022  |  9:49

I have arthritis in my left foot. The toe next to my big toe is rigid and does not bend. After prolonged periods of walking the toe and sole become painful. Which insole would you suggest for my hiking boots?

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