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D3O: Walk Proud

16 July 2015

The world’s a busy place, and you need an insole that can keep up.  D3O Orthotics knows what it means to be busy on your feet as one of the UK’s fastest growing orthotics companies. Home-grown and proud, all D3O's insoles are designed, tested and manufactured right here in Blighty, and put through their paces on the feet of our service men. These hard-working, army-tested insoles are now accessible to everyone requiring serious impact protection for their feet.

Good Insoles Done Right

Operating from their hub of foot care in Suffolk, D3O may not be the oldest company out there but they're one of the few that can say their technology has been a long-time favourite of both the National Health Service and the British Military. With a wealth of experience coming from a team of practising podiatrists and technicians, the technology being offered by these fresh insoles is far from wet behind the ears. Having been used in hard-grafting military shoes and now available to you, consider these some of the most rigorously tested, long-performing insoles on the market. 

Committed to offering quality foot-care products, D3O are also dedicated to promoting their use by way of education, training and research. With their eyes set on becoming a leading name in foot health, you can be sure that D3O is only going one way, the same way they want your health to go: Up.

Striding into a Clinic Near You

In the last year alone, the number of clinicians using D3O products has increased by an incredible 50%. As great a testament as any to the quality and performance of this brands products, they are one of the top suppliers of orthotics for the NHS and proudly line the shoes of the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD).

From the Lab to the Shelf

D3O believe that off-the-shelf devices needn’t compromise on comfort or quality while still offering great value for money. 

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Whether you want comfort, support or performance, you can be sure that D3O have a insole for you. Seamlessly move on from tailored orthotics to one of D3Os model’s and continue to enjoy the same high standard of support and care, all with the convenience of a pre-fabricated insole.

So move over, guys, there’s a new kid in town, and he’s looking sharp. D3O’s insoles are hard to beat, and just as hard to miss. Modern design, technology and long-standing performance blend perfectly to create the D3O Range, an eye-catching new collection to offer arch support, heel insert comfort and metatarsal cushioning to be the best insoles for everyday foot care.

Made properly

The D3O range of shoe insoles and inserts can boast to be the first insoles to bring their military-tested technology to the general market. D3O is a unique material that adapts to your performance. Free-flowing until met with shock, D3O responds immediately to safely disperse force impact before softening once more to provide cushioning and comfort.

Offering 61% more protection than the commonly used HDPE foam, D3O can stand up to extreme conditions like heat and cold and because it does not rely on ‘air gaps’ to accommodate it’s shock protection, this stuff is virtually indestructible!

Foot Care Done Right

We’re proud to be offering D3O insoles to our customers here at Shoe Insoles. A perfect fit for those who want every day in-shoe support, we’re certain that you’ll agree that this company has been deserving of its endorsements from the NHS and MoD. And if it’s good enough for them, it’s surely good enough for your hard-working feet, too.

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