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D3O Insoles

D30 Insoles are designed to handle the shock and impact of outdoor life. They are ideal for people who participate in sports due to the impact-resistant material used in the insoles. D30 Insoles are designed to absorb shock on impact, cushioning the feet and providing support when engaging in outside activities. The unique shape of D30 insoles provides maximum support for the whole of the foot rather than focusing on a specific area. Shoe Insoles has a range of D30 Insoles, covering support, comfort and a sporting design.

D30 Insoles are designed to provide maximum support for those engaged with high-impact, outdoor sporting activities. The unique patented technology enables the manufacturers to make insoles that not only are shock-absorbing, but also soft, flexible and comfortable to wear. The material adapts to what is going on: in casual use the molecules can flow freely to provide the flexibility, but upon impact, these molecules lock together to reduce the shock of the impact on the foot.

The D30 Insoles are highly comfortable. Even when engaging in high-impact sports, the insoles do not lose that comfort. This is due to the rate-sensitive technology embedded in the insole allowing it to adapt to the speed the wearer is travelling at. The material used in the insoles is more protective than other foams in the market so to provide that extra support and comfort during intense moments. The D30 Insole has a good arch support  to provide comfort and stability for the wearer.

The D30 Insoles are available in a range of sizes on Shoe Insoles. It is important to have your insoles fitted as well as your shoes, for otherwise strain could be placed on the wrong areas of the foot and injuries could be caused. By fitting your insoles to your shoe size, you are guaranteeing an appropriate fit.

If you require more information about the D30 Insoles, please contact us on 020 7501 1102 or send a message via the contact page on this website.

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