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Best Memory Foam Insoles 2024

1 January 2024

If your feet feel tired and achy at the end of the day, chances are that you aren't getting enough cushioning and support from your shoes and insoles. For those who spend a lot of time on their feet, memory foam insoles are the perfect solution, as they will work to cushion your feet at key points to help keep your toes, arches and heels feeling fresh at the end of the day.

We've had our insole experts at ShoeInsoles.co.uk review the current market to bring you their definitive list of the very Best Memory Foam Insoles of the year, sure to transform your stiff shoes into the cushioned cocoon your feet deserve!

What's Covered in This Guide?

In this article, we'll cover our best:

Best All-Round Memory Foam Insoles

Winner: Airplus Ultra Memory Plus Full Foam Insoles

Airplus Ultra Memory Plus Full Foam Insoles

Why We Love Them...

Mould to the feet for an even pressure distribution
Receive some of the most consistent positive feedback of all our insoles
 Flexible and compact design makes them suitable for almost all shoes

Ideal For...

 General everyday use
People suffering from pain in the forefoot and heel
Preventing foot fatigue after being on the feet for long hours

Editor's Verdict: Airplus Ultra Memory Plus Full Foam Insoles provide an ideal combination of comfort, affordability and versatility. With over 60 rave reviews, these shoe insoles are ideal for anyone needing added comfort. Made using flexible yet compact materials, these insoles are incredibly soft, putting back the spring in your step.

Customer Verdict: "I have suffered from the consequences of a Morton's neuroma operation since 2008; spent a fortune on podiatry, but find that these insoles are more comfortable than any of the orthotics." Anne ★★★★★

Runner Up: Pro11 Memory Foam Orthotic Insoles

Best Value Memory Foam Insoles

Winner: Sof Sole Memory Foam Insoles

Sof Sole Memory Foam Insoles

Why We Love Them...

 'Sof Recall' memory foam cushions your foot
 Gives pain relief all day
 Deep heel cup increases support

Ideal For...

 All types of footwear
Fatigue, heel pain, heel spurs, aching feet
 A firmer feeling insole

Editor's Verdict: We love the Sof Sole Memory Foam Insoles. Using 'Sof Recall' memory foam, these insoles are both economic and high quality. With added heel cups for support when walking, alongside complete sole and toe support, these insoles make shoes feel light and comfortable.

Customer Verdict: "I have very problematic feet which cause me pain on walking and these are the first insoles that I can really say have made it comfortable again! No pain, and cushions so well! I have wasted so much money trying to find insoles that work for me but these are the ones! Will be buying more!!" Susan ★★★★★

Runner Up: Portwest FC87 Memory Foam Comfort Insoles

Extra Thick Memory Foam Insoles

Winner: Airplus Ultra Work Memory Plus Insoles

Airplus Ultra Work Memory Plus Insoles

Why We Love Them...

Ultra-cushioned insoles protect you on your feet all day
Cushions the entire foot, with a focus on preventing heel pain
Trimmable to ensure they'll fit into virtually any footwear

Ideal For...

 Everyone on their feet for long periods of time
Use in most types of footwear needing intense cushioning
 Those with feet pain and general foot issues

Editor's Verdict: The Airplus Ultra Work Memory Plus Insoles are the thickest memory foam insoles out there. Designed for workmen on their feet all day, these protect your feet from daily strain from standing on hard surfaces. These can be used with most shoes – so if you need ultra soft, deeply comforting insoles, these are your best bet!

Customer Verdict: "Very quick delivery. I have broken bones in my foot, so using the insole inside my immobilisation boot. Much more comfortable!" Hilary ★★★★★

Runner Up: Sof Sole Memory Foam Insoles

Best Arch Support Memory Foam Insoles

Winner: Superfeet DMP Copper Memory Foam Insoles

Superfeet DMP Insoles Copper Colour

Why We Love Them...

Anatomically-designed arch support stabilises and aligns the feet
 Breathable top layer keeps your feet fresh and prevents odour
Provide plenty of cushioning to reduce pain in the heels and metatarsals

Ideal For...

 Reducing strain on your feet while walking or standing
People who experience knee, back or hip pain
 Overweight users or those with low arches and heel pain

Editor's Verdict: The Superfeet DMP Copper Colour Memory Foam Insoles are one of our favourite sets of footbeds when it comes to providing arch support, as the biomechanical shape and soft memory foam combine for a really nice feel on the arches, forefoot and heel. The anatomical shape helps your feet spread weight across the sole evenly, making them ideal for those with mild supination or overpronation issues.

Customer Verdict: "I found these insoles great very comfortable would definitely recommend them." Angela ★★★★★ 

Best Memory Foam Insoles for Sports

Winner: Sidas F-Essentials Cushioning Gel Memory Foam Insoles

Sidas F-Essentials Cushioning Gel Memory Foam Insoles

Why We Love Them...

 Combine memory foam and gel for outstanding shock absorption
 Gel micro-bubbles under the metatarsal and heels protect the feet
Protect the "pain points" to keep your feet feeling great all day

Ideal For...

 Running and sports, as well as everyday use
 Those who find pain in the feet keeps them from exercising
 Tiny perforations help your feet to breathe during activity

Editor's Verdict: When it comes to use during sports, we always recommend choosing an insoles with as much shock absorption and cushioning as possible. The Sidas F-Essentials Cushioning Gel Memory Foam Insoles are designed for this above all else, helping to keep your feet pain-free and energetic after the repeated impacts with the ground that can happen in most intense sports.

We spoke to Sidas, who said: "The gel and foam combination makes for a supremely comfortable fit. Perfect for every day, general and active wear, these provide instant step in support - no matter your activity levels."

Best Memory Foam Insoles for Foot Odour

Winner: Pedag Sneaker Magic Step Memory Foam Insoles

Pedag Sneaker Magic Step Memory Foam Insoles

Why We Love Them...

Made with bamboo fibres to wick away sweat and dry quickly
 Absorbs 60% more moisture and dries 20% quicker than cotton
 Resilient design retains shape to provide long-lasting support

Ideal For...

 General everyday use
People suffering from excessive sweating or foot odour
 Providing a good level of support in tight-fitting shoes

Editor's Verdict: It can be difficult to find insoles that will tick every box, but the Pedag Sneaker Magic Plus Memory Foam Insoles get as close as possible. They provide a great mix of support and cushioning, all with odour-reducing properties and a discreet profile that lets them fit into just about any full-length footwear.

We spoke to the Pedag, who said: "These insoles provide brilliant arch support, and alleviate sore, painful feet. Using a bamboo terry cloth on top of the memory foam absorbs moisture and sweat, keeping your feet fresh and comfortable all day long."

Best Memory Foam Insoles for Standing All Day

Winner: Pro11 Memory Foam Orthotic Insoles

Airplus Ultra Work Memory Plus Insoles

Why We Love Them...

High-density memory foam moulds around feet
Shock absorbing design prevents pain and injury
Reduces pressure on the balls of feet

Ideal For...

 Standing all day on hard surfaces, such as on site
Use in work, sports, professional and protective footwear
 Everyday use for people with sore feet

Editor's Verdict: The Pro11 Memory Foam Orthotic Insoles create better posture and better foot health by taking weight off the balls off your feet. This enhances comfort, stability and balance, making these a great option to boost sports performance as well as everyday comfort. They also reduce likelihood of stress factures and heel spurs, and prevent impact on knees, hips and lower back.

We spoke to the Pro11, who said: "These are a fantastic everyday insole, perfect for people on their feet for extended periods of time. If you need added comfort in a lightweight design, choose the Pro11 Memory foam insoles."

Runner Up: Aetrex Lynco Memory Foam Customisable L2220 Neutral Orthotics

Best Memory Foam Insoles - Walking Boot Insoles

Winner: Sidas Outdoor Memory Foam Insoles

Sidas Outdoor Memory Foam Insoles

Why We Love Them...

Perforated design aids breathability, keeping feet fresh
Reduces build-up of pressure points, protecting them from strain
 Super comfort, with dual layer memory foam and micro-fibre 

Ideal For...

 General everyday use, while on your feet all day
Outdoor shoes, including wellies and hiking boots
 For people needing grippy but soft foot support

Editor's Verdict: The Sidas Outdoor Memory Foam Insoles tick all the required boxes for boot insoles. With their dual-layer materials, including memory foam and micro-fibre top layer, these insoles are comfortable from the moment you touch them, fitting into most outdoor footwear. If you want breathable but supportive shoe insoles perfect for damp conditions, these are the ones for you.

We spoke to Sidas, who said: "This is a great hiking boot insole, perfect for more outdoor wear. This is due to the grippier insole which firmly sits in the shoe, providing stability and balance, reducing injuries."

Runner Up: The Meindl Vakuum Memory Foam Hiking Insoles are a fab boot insole alternative, for outdoor adventurers needing extra cushioning. With powerful gripping properties, these insoles give you the support you need when you're on the go.  

Insoles to Remember

These insoles can provide you with unbeatable support and comfort through a range of activities, and should be an ideal solution to any sort of heel and forefoot pain you're experiencing. They'll form to your feet, and within minutes, they'll feel like they've been made specially for you.

Don't take our word for it though, try some of these insoles for yourself, and see how they can take your walking, standing and overall movement to a whole new level. Visit Shoe Insoles to see our full range of Memory Foam Insoles.

Do you use memory foam insoles, or is there another material you prefer? Let us know about which insoles you have tried and whether they helped below. Alternatively, why not reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook?

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