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Best Insoles for Ice-Skates

20 June 2023

Ice-skating can be great fun, and is the perfect activity for people of all ages to get stuck into. There's plenty to do on the ice, from ice-hockey to figure skating to gliding around with friends, and it makes for a unique year-round pastime. But, as fun as ice-skating is, it's no secret that ice-skates can be uncomfortable, especially if worn for prolonged periods.

Whether you skate for leisure or athletic purposes, make sure you've got effective support to facilitate a comfortable experience, and optimal athletic performance. Whether you suffer from a condition effecting the feet or joints, or simply want to enhance your skates, a pair of ice-skate insoles can make a significant difference to your experience.

What's Included In This Guide?

Best Figure Skating Insoles

Our choice: Superfeet Carbon Pro Hockey Sports Insoles

Pair of yellow and black shoe insolesWhy We Love Them...

 Designed with cushioning Aerolyte foam and a stabilizing Evolyte fibre-bled cap
 Offers support during tight turns, crossovers, quick starts, and hard stops

Ideal For...

 Cushioning and shock absorption for reduced foot fatigue
✔ Positioning support
 Improving acceleration on the ice by up to 11%

Not The Best For...

❌Reducing friction (see our solution)

Editor’s Verdict: Figure-skating is a highly skilled sport requiring stability, strength, and excellent manoeuvrability. Quality insoles like the Superfeet Carbon Pro Hockey Sports Insoles offer tailored support to enhance movement and comfort on the ice, making for an overall smoother experience.

These fantastic insoles also feature moisture-wicking materials and integrated vent-holes for effective sweat and odour control. This is particularly useful for those who skate for extended periods.

Customer’s Verdict: “Used these for my daughters figure skates, as she was experiencing cramping in her foot, she felt the difference as soon as she used these, I would certainly recommend them.”

Best Ice-Hockey Skate Insoles

Our Choice: Superfeet Hockey Comfort Sports Insoles

Pair of yellow and black shoe insolesWhy We Love Them...

 Ergonomically designed for comfortable use with hockey skates
 Durable design maintains shape for up to 200 hours of ice time
Constructed with Aerospring Glide foam for optimal cushioning

Ideal For...

 Stabilising and securing the feet for enhanced performance and reduced risk of injury
 Minimising friction to prevent the development of blisters and hot spots

Not The Best For...

❌Improving acceleration on the ice (see our solution)

Editor's Verdict: Ice-hockey is a sport that requires strength, balance, and ease-of-manoeuvrability on the ice. With these high-quality insoles, you can be sure of elevated comfort and reduced foot fatigue, so you can excel on the ice for longer. The flexible heel cradle helps to keep feet stable inside of skates to minimise risks or aches and injury. If you're looking to maximise your comfort on the ice, try these fantastic insoles specifically designed for this purpose.

Best Skate Insoles For Flat Feet

Our Choice: Langer Bio Mex Low Density Low Arch Insoles

Flat Feet vs Normal Feet

Flat feet, also known as ‘fallen arches’, refers to when the arches of the feet press flat on the ground when walking or standing. This condition is generally painless, but can sometimes cause discomfort or aches in the feet and joints. Flat feet can also cause overpronation, or rolling of the feet, increasing the risk of injury.

Providing effective arch-support for fallen arches can minimise the chances of developing postural issues, and help to reduce struggles with balance. 

Pair of purple and black shoe insolesWhy We Love Them...

 Offer excellent biomechanical control
 Can be easily customized by heat moulding and grinding

Ideal For...

 Easing pain caused by low arches / flat feet
 Minimising knee pain and back pain
 Reducing the risk of overpronation and supination for improved user gait

Not The Best For...

❌ High arches (see our solution)


Editor's Verdict: For some, flat feet causes aches and pains that make athletic activities, like ice-skating and ice-hockey, difficult to take part in. With a pair of insoles designed to support low-arches, skaters can be sure they'll get the comfort and support they need to take part in their favourite sport without getting sore feet or aching joints. These fantastic insoles can also help to reduce back pain and knee pain.

Customer’s Verdict: “I had been advised to purchase these insoles by a podiatrist and have been genuinely surprised at how well my feet have responded to them. Highly recommended.”

Best Skate Insoles For High Arches

Our choice: Sidas 3Feet Activ Insoles for High Arches 

Pair of yellow, black, and white shoe insolesWhy We Love Them...

 Anatomically designed for effective high arch support
✔ Light and breathable materials offer elevated comfort
 Non-slip design keeps insole secure and minimises the risk of blister development

Ideal For...

 Reducing aches caused by high arches
 Evenly distributing pressure across high-arched soles for comfort
 Improving user gait

Not The Best For...

❌ Low Arches (see our solution)

Editor's Verdict: With these quality high-arch insoles, you can be sure of top-quality support and an overall more pleasant experience on the ice. The forefoot cushioning and gel heel pad on these insoles aid with absorbing impact, while the breathable materials used in the construction help to minimise the build-up of foot sweat to reduce odour.

Customer's Verdict: "I have been using the [Sidas 3Feet Activ Insoles for High Arches] for a couple of weeks and I can honestly say that the pain I used to feel on the balls of my feet due to having high arches has lessened. Before using the insoles sometimes every step I took felt like I was walking on hot coals...So far so good!"

Best Skate Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis

Our choice: Elite Full Length Functional Orthotics

Pair of black shoe insoles with red soles

Why We Love Them...

 Reduce the strain on plantar fascia for effective pain relief
 Supplied with an Elite Wedge pack for fully tailoring the shape
 Ideal for those with knee pains, or conditions such as metatarsalgia

Ideal For...

 Customising and tailoring to your specific foot proportions
 Mild metatarsal support (which can aid better 'push-off' movement)
 Shock absorption

Not The Best For...

❌ Compact sizing and all-in-one design (see our solution)

Editor's verdict: The full-length Elite insoles are ideal for a selection of foot conditions, including Plantar Fasciitis. Provided with this unit are a range of extrinsic wedge options for further customisation of the insoles, allowing you to tailor the insole shape and size to your specific needs.

Customer's verdict: "For someone who has walked over on her ankle for years (over supination) and never found anything to correct [it] these worked a treat. Immediately she felt more secure to walk which impacted the knee I was treating!"

Best Skate Insoles For Supination and Pronation

Our choice: Langer Bio Mex Low Density Medium Arch Insoles

Pronation and Supination

Pronation and supination signify the rolling of the feet, either on the inner or outer side, while walking due to the way in which weight is being distributed. Supination refers to weight rolling onto the outside of the foot, while pronation refers to weight rolling onto the inside.

Over-pronation and over-supination occur when your foot rolls too far on either side. This can cause a wide variety of issues, including joint pains, injuries such as sprained ankles, or the development of conditions like plantar fasciitis.

Pair of thin purple insolesWhy We Love Them...

 Versatile design is suitable for helping to prevent both over-pronation and over-supination 
 Can be customised via heat moulding and grinding

Ideal For...

 Minimising back and knee pain caused by improper gait
 Keeping feet secure and stable, and supporting healthy heel-to-toe rolling over side-rolling

Not The Best For...

❌ High arches (see our solution)
❌ Low arches (see our solution)

Editor's verdict: With these fantastic, low density insoles, skaters prone to over-supination or over-pronation can significantly reduce the risk of injury, and minimise any aches and pains stemming from improper gait. By keeping the feet stable and offering improved biomechanical control, these insoles assist with enhancing balance and improving foot-form, leading to better posture and an alleviation of back or knee pains. 

Customer's verdict: "[I] swear by these insoles, no more foot pain since being fitted with them."

Best Skate Insoles for Sweaty Feet

Our choice: Elite 3/4 Length Functional Orthotics

Three shoe insoles, one grey, one purple, one redWhy We Love Them...

 Compact alternative to full-length insoles 
 Antimicrobial properties and built-in deodoriser offers optimal hygiene and prolonged freshness

Ideal For...

 Skaters who suffer from significant foot-sweat or odour build-up
 Easing a range of foot conditions, including metatarsalgia or plantar arch pain
 Providing mild metatarsal support

Not The Best For...

❌ Full foot coverage (see our solution)

Editor's verdict: These are a fantastic and versatile pair of shoe insoles which can help to ease and manage a wide range of foot conditions. Much like the full-length version, these insoles are supplied with surface additions for easy customisation of the insole. This enables you to shape the insoles to suit your specific proportions.

Customer's verdict: "These insoles have allowed me to return to running/walking after 8 months... they have enabled me to resume normal life and the physical and mental benefits exercise give you."

What Are the Main Benefits of Insoles?

Insoles are a handy aid designed to be placed inside of shoes, and can serve a wide range of purposes. When taking part in athletic activities, such as figure-skating or ice-hockey, insoles can enhance your experience by offering maximum comfort while helping to improve your athletic performance. Insoles can also help with managing pain, postural alignment, and foot shape and positioning for those who suffer with foot or joint conditions.

Benefits of shoe insoles for ice-skates include:

  • Impact absorption reduces strain on feet
  • Metatarsal pad support optimises energy transfer for enhanced 'pushing-off' movements
  • Arch support helps to prevent the feet from dropping or rolling
  • Evenly distributes pressure across the sole of the foot
  • Stabilises the feet for steadiness and balance
  • Helps to prevent injuries caused by prolonged usage or postural misalignment
  • Antimicrobial, ventilated, and deodorising insoles minimise sweat build up to keep feet feeling and smelling fresh

When to Replace Insoles For Skates

It is generally recommended that shoe insoles be replaced every 6 - 12 months, especially if they are frequently used. You will need to use your own judgment to decide exactly when to replace your shoe insoles, based on the look and feel. They will need to be replaced if they are damaged or worn out, have a bad odour, or are out-of-shape and no longer offering support.

Insoles for ice-skates can take your athletic performance and overall experience on the ice to the next level. By offering elevated comfort and assistance with managing various foot conditions, these insoles are perfect for anyone who wants to fully take advantage of and enjoy their time skating. 

Whether you skate for fun or for exercise, make sure you've got what you need to have the best and most comfortable experience. Grab a pair of ice-skate insoles today!

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