Best Insoles for Hiking Boots

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Hiking boots are often heavy-duty, unsubtle, clumsy pieces of footwear that after a long day of hiking, can leave your feet feeling sore and injured. They have to be this way too; the uneven surfaces that have to be overcome, the heavy rocks and flowing streams that are bypassed, and the long hours of strenuous walking would cause damage to your feet with any regular piece of footwear.

Thankfully, you can reap the benefits of hiking boots while keeping your feet comfortable and healthy with our range of hiking boots insoles. Taking into consideration the effects the insoles have on your feet, what they are designed to prevent, and their comfort and fit, we have created this list of our Best Insoles for Hiking Boots, so that you can hike without worrying about foot pain.

Sidas 3Feet Activ Insoles for High Arches

Sidas 3Feet Activ Insoles for HikingIf you're an active hiker and enjoy extended walks at a fast pace, you'll understand that any level of foot pain can seriously disrupt your day. With your chances of pain increased if you hike at a fast pace, the Sidas 3Feet Activ Insoles for High Arches combat this problem by providing a soft gel heel pad to provide optimal cushioning and shock absorption. They prevent heel pain, rolling of the ankles and over-pronation, while their non-slip design prevents the pain and blisters that are associated with hiking.

Key Features: Flexible arch support prevents heel pain; soft gel heel pad ensures shock absorption and cushions foot; protects against blisters when walking.

Granger's G40 Stability + Insoles

Graingers G40 Stability+ Insoles for HikingNext up are the Grangers G40 Stability+ Insoles, insoles that come with a full-length EVA cradle that offers outstanding stability and shock absorption. The G40 Stability Insoles offer everything a hiker would want to prevent foot pain, with shock absorption, moisture-wicking microfibre, a contoured arch support and a comfortable foam design that cushions the foot. They prevent arch pain and strain, ball of foot pain, fatigue, heel pain and metatarsal pain, all of the things you want to prevent when hiking in remote parts of the world.

Key Features: Features a full-length EVA cradle that offers shock absorption and stability; contoured arch support for extended comfort; moisture-wicking microfibre that keeps the foot cool.

Sorbothane Shock Stopper Double Strike Insoles

Sorbothane Shock Stopper Insoles for HikingIf you're hiking for a long period of time, the last thing you want is to add weight to your already heavy walking boots. The Sorbothane Shock Stopper Double Strike Insoles feature a lightweight design that prevents foot fatigue, while the shock-absorbing Sorbothane compound in the heel and forefront areas prevent pain. Ergonomically designed, the Shock Stopper feels and acts like a second skin to prevent your foot gaining the full impact of the shock, while the anti-bacterial design keeps the insoles smelling fresh after a long day walking.

Key Features: Fitted with Sorbothane protection on the heel and arch to absorb shock; well suited to activities that require heel and arch protection; built in arch support prevents and alleviates arch pain.

Enertor Performance Full Length Moulded Shock Reducing Insoles

Enertor Full Length Shock Reducing Insoles for HikingIf some insoles are endorsed by Usain Bolt, then they are probably worth your attention. The Enertor Performance Full Length Moulded Shock Reducing Insoles live up to their endorsement, using D30 technology developed by leading podiatrists to provide unrivalled shock absorption. The Enertor Performance Insoles are scientifically proven to help reduce injuries, while the shock-absorbing heel recycles up to 36% of energy with every step taken: perfect for extended hiking activities.

Key Features: Designed by leading podiatrists using D30 technology; recycles up to 36% of energy from every step taken; offers long-term cushioning and comfort.

Sidas Gel Plantar Protectors

Sidas Gel Plantar Protectors for Hiking BootsAnatomically designed to fit both feet, and proven to reduce the chances of foot pain over extended use and over extended distance, the Sidas Gel Plantar Protectors are an excellent choice. A big problem caused by big and heavy hiking boots is blisters, and the Sidas Gel Plantar Protectors protects the ball of the foot from abrasion and reduces the chances of blisters, especially when used over extended periods of time. They are also perfect if you're recovering from an injury, as the cushioning and rubbing protection properties of the gel protectors mean that the injury is given time to recover, and you can still go walking.

Key Features: Helps prevent inflammation and blisters on the balls of the feet; absorbs impact to reduce pain from existing injuries; anatomical design fits both left and right feet.

Sidas Anti-Friction Cream

Sidas Anti-Friction Cream for Hiking BootsSomething a bit different from your regular insoles is this, the Sidas Anti-Friction Cream, which works to prevent friction as your skin rubs against socks and shoes. As a result, the chances of blisters are reduced and skin feels healthy and comfortable, even after hiking extended distances. The Anti-Friction cream is also available in two sizes, so if you're going on a long hike and need to reapply, there is no problem.

Key Features: Protects skin against blisters and irritation; moisturises the foot to keep it cool and comfortable; available in two sizes ideal for reapplication.

Go Hiking with Healthy Feet

Hiking boots, while recommended for walking long distances over uneven terrain, can still cause blisters and sore, irritable feet. It is recommended that you use some insoles to absorb shocks, prevent irritation and cool your feet while you walk in order to prevent damage. If you can't find the insoles you are looking for here, check out our wide supply of Hiking Insoles, where you're likely to find one best suited to you. 

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  • Flexible arch support designed especially for high arches
  • Soft gel heel pad to give optimal cushioning and shock absorption
  • Can help to combat heel pain, rolling of the ankles and over-pronation
  • Also available in Low and Medium Arch varieties

  • Ideal for hiking, running, technical and everyday footwear
  • Full-length EVA cradle offers excellent stability and shock absorption
  • Contoured arch support provides great comfort
  • Moisture-wicking microfibre cover for improved hygiene

  • Features targeted Sorbothane protection with moulded heel cups and arch support
  • Ideal for any activity where the forefoot and heel are subject to the most impact
  • Suitable for all sports, hiking, walking, leisure activities and everyday use
  • In-built arch support prevents and alleviates arch pain and fallen arches

  • Only insoles used and endorsed by Usain Bolt
  • Durable and moulded soles for improved fit
  • Improves foot function and performance
  • Absorbs shock to protect against impact

  • Helps prevent blisters and inflammation on the balls of feet
  • Absorbs impacts to reduce pain from existing injuries
  • Anatomical design for left and right feet provides a better fit
  • Made from washable and reusable silicone for a longer life

Sidas Anti-Friction Cream

Sidas Anti-Friction Cream£3.74  -  £10.47

  • Protects skin from rubbing to protect against blisters
  • Moisturises for greater skin elasticity
  • Made using natural ingredients for healthier use
  • Available in 75ml or 15ml tubes – great for portable use

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