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Best Heated Socks 2024

1 December 2023

No matter how many layers you put on, do you feel like the cold often seems to have a way of targeting your feet? Luckily, we have a more sophisticated solution than more and more cumbersome layers. In our guide to the Best Heated Socks 2024, we've complied our absolute favourite heated socks to keep your feet efficiently and reliably warm this winter. Whether you're walking in a winter wonderland, skiing the slopes or just having an extra-cosy duvet day, you'll find the perfect winter warmers here.

What Does This Guide Cover?

How To Choose a Pair of Heated Socks

Because all heated socks rely on electric heating elements, they all require a power source. Usually, this comes in the form of a battery pack which charges the socks. You can buy heated socks together with a compatible battery (called a kit) or you can buy the socks and batteries separately, allowing you to have a spare pare of soles ready to go when your other pair is in the wash.

The battery you choose will depend on how long you want to be able to use your heated socks before recharging. Our most powerful batteries (1400) will stay warm for up to 16 hours, depending on the heat intensity setting you choose. Please see the table below for more information on heating duration.

Best Heated Socks 2024

Best Heated Unisex Socks

Winner: Therm-IC Powersock Uni Heated Sock Set with 1400B Bluetooth Battery

Therm-IC 1400B Sock SetWhy We Love Them...

 Breathable with a tight fit
 Provide heat for up to 16 hours
 Irritation-free anatomical fit

Perfect For...

 Mountaineering and hiking
 Long walks in the cold

Also Available In...

Buy just the socks, or with a 1200 battery or 700B battery.

Expert Verdict: Made from a fabric blend that includes luxurious merino wool, these heated socks provide all-round heat diffusion to keep your toes warm no matter how cold it is outside. With their heel, toe and shin reinforcements, they also provide comfort and cushioning against the pressure of ski boots, making them ideal for long days on the slopes and ski touring.

Best Multi Heated Socks

Winner: Therm-IC Powersock Multi Heated Sock Double Set

Therm-IC Powersocks 700BWhy We Love Them...

 Ultra thin; won't add bulk to your footwear
 Uses Xitant fibre to keep feet warmer for longer
 Can be adjusted manually or using Bluetooth 

Perfect For...

 Skiers and snowboarders
 Workers, walkers and commuters

Not the Best For...

 Those requiring heat for longer. For a more powerful battery, try these instead.

Expert Verdict: Whilst uni heated socks feature a single heat pad, these multi heated socks feature a heating element that wraps over the top of the toes, providing maximum warmth for your feet. A USB charger is included, making it easy to charge your batteries overnight.

Best Value Heated Sock Double Set

Winner: Therm-IC Powersock Uni Heated Sock Double Set

Therm-IC Powersock 1400B Double SetWhy We Love Them...

 Features micro-channels to wick away moisture
 Comes with two pairs of socks so you'll always have a back-up
 Lasts for up to 5.5 hours on highest setting

Perfect For...

 Winter sports enthusiasts
 Making skiing more comfortable, thanks to the reinforced shin

Not the Best For...

 Those on a budget: try these instead.

Expert Verdict: Offering you exceptional value for money, this set comes with two pairs of heated socks, so you can wear one pair whilst the other is being washed.

Why Is Breathability Important?

Breathability is important so that moisture doesn't build up inside your shoes. Dampness reduces the insulating properties of your socks and shoes, drawing warmth away from your feet and making you feel cold. Keeping feet dry is important to maintain comfort and warmth.

What's the Difference Between Uni and Multi Heat?

Uni Heated Socks feature a single heat pad under the toes, whereas the Multi Heated Socks feature a heating element that wraps over the top of the toes to provide more heat coverage. In addition, the Multi Heated Socks feature micro channels to help wick away moisture, keeping the foot drier and, ultimately, warmer.

How Long Will My Socks Stay Warm?

The following table shows how long your socks will provide heat, which varies depending on the heat level you choose.

Heat Level 700 Battery 1200 Battery 1400 Battery
1 6 - 8 Hours 12 - 14 Hours 14 - 16 Hours
2 4 - 5 Hours 5h30 - 7h30 6 - 8 Hours
3 1h45 - 2h15 3h45 - 4h15 4h30 - 5 Hours


How Long Does It Take to Fully Charge My Socks?

Depending on which battery you choose, your insoles will be fully charged in 6 - 8 hours. At half the time of charging mentioned in the table below, the insoles will be 75% charged, thanks to the fast charging process.

Looking for Heated Insoles Instead?

For an alternative way to keep your feet toasty this winter, we also stock a range of heated insoles. See our blog 'Best Heated Insoles 2024' for more.

We have a range of different insoles for winter and outdoor activities:

Or perhaps you're looking for some pampering instead:

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