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Best Cycling Insoles 2024

4 January 2024

A common misconception with cycling is that because your feet aren't touching the ground, they aren't doing any of the work. This couldn't be further from the truth. The key to maximising performance on the bike is improving the amount of power that can be generated in the feet. As the first point of contact with your pedals, your feet are instrumental in generating power and streamlining the rest of your action on the bike.

There's a reason we recommend removing the unsuitable and poorly constructed insoles you get in your expensive new cycling cleats. Shop our Best Cycling Insoles 2024 and see how your performance on the road, trial and in training on the stationary bike can be drastically improved.

Our Best Cycling Insoles

The Overall Number One Cycling Insoles

Sidas Flashfit Bike+ Insoles

The key to a great cycling insole is how well it adjusts the unnatural flat position that the foot takes up when wearing cleats. Sidas Flashfit Bike+ Insoles are the result of thousands of hours of precision engineering spent with professional and amateur cyclists alike.

"I never go cycling without my SIDAS insoles! They make things so much more comfortable, especially on long rides" - Astana professional Davide Martinelli.

What We Love:

  • Podiaflex support maximises energy transfer from foot to calf
  • Endorsed by professional cycling team Astana
  • Result of thousands of hours of scientific podiatric research
  • Ergonomic design mitigates energy transfer loss

Our Verdict: Our number one pick for maximising energy transfer on the road

The Most Comfortable Cycling Insoles

CurrexSole BikePro Medium Profile Dynamic Insoles

CurrexSole BikePro Medium Profile Dynamic Insoles are all about maximising comfort on longer rides. Designed to improve circulation throughout the foot, Currex BikePro Insoles are the perfect option for longer rides when your feet begin to feel fatigued, numb and "dead" at the arch.

What We Love:

  • Embedded heel cushions the entire back of your foot for smooth 
  • Black midfoot bridge stimulates blood flow as if you were walking
  • Poron pad at the forefoot maximises comfort when out of the saddle
  • Perfect option for longer rides where fatigue becomes a factor


Our Verdict: Designed to maximise comfort on medium to long rides

The Best Cycling Insoles for Lighter Riders

Superfeet Blue Active Insoles

There's a reason all cycling insoles are thin. An easy way to maximise power output is minimising the amount of material and obstruction between the foot and the pedal. Superfeet Blue Active Insoles are one of the thinnest insoles on the market, making it easy to seamlessly maximise power output and smoothness in your rotation.

What We Love:

  • Promotes a smooth transition thanks to thin and inobtrusive design
  • Slender design fits in all size cleats
  • Ultra-thin forefoot gives a more "natural" feel
  • Inexpensive design maximises affordability


Our Verdict: Ultra-thin design maximises natural touch for lightweight riders

The Top Choice for Hill Climbs

SOLE Active Thin Footbed Orthotic Insoles

Manufactured using a flexible EVA foundation, SOLE Active Thin Footbed Orthotic Insoles are the most flexible choice on our list, making them excellent for riding out of the saddle on long, arduous hill climbs. As your foot bends and pressure is applied at the forefoot, their EVA base gently bends inside your cleats, ensuring the same support you get when you're sat down transfers when you're really exerting yourself.

What We Love:

  • Ultra durable EVA base flexes perfectly when up in the saddle
  • Designed to absorb the pressure generated during hill climbs
  • Heat mouldable design gives an added customisation aspect
  • Versatile insoles can be used to cross train in trainers

Our Verdict: Excellent flexibility maximises comfort and power output during hill climbs

Why Is Wearing Insoles Whilst Cycling Important?

Whether you're a veteran who prioritises performance or you're an amateur looking to reduce aches and pains, Cycling Insoles have something to offer you. 

  • Smooth out the trajectory of your foot during pressure application phase
  • Enhance comfort for prolonged performance on longer rides
  • Maximise the power you generate
  • Mitigate the amount of force that is lost when transitioning between phases

If you haven't found what you're looking for here, we have a whole range of Insoles Suitable for Cycling that will be sure to contain the solution for you.

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