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Best Heated Insoles 2024

30 November 2023

Winter walks can be magical, but the prospect of slipping your feet into freezing cold shoes can leave you feeling less than festive. Whether you're a sports enthusiast, avid hiker or just looking to keep your toes warm on the morning commute, we've got you covered. Our guide to the Best Heated Insoles 2024 will showcase our favourite ways to keep feet warm and cosy no matter how low the mercury drops.

What Does This Guide Cover?

How To Choose a Pair of Heated Insoles

Because all heated insoles rely on electric heating elements, they all require a power source. Usually, this comes in the form of a battery pack which charges the insoles. You can buy heated insoles together with a compatible battery (called a kit) or you can buy the insoles and batteries separately, allowing you to have a spare pair of insoles charged up and ready to go.

The battery you choose will depend on how long you want to be able to use your heated insoles before recharging. Our most powerful batteries (1700) will stay warm for up to 17 hours, depending on the heat intensity setting you choose. Please see the table below for more information on heating duration.

What Does the 'B' Mean in '1700B Battery'?

The 'B' stands for Bluetooth! These batteries are Bluetooth enabled, allowing you to easily control the heat pads in your insoles using your smartphone. Available for both iOS and Android, the app provides you with the ability to adjust the heat level whilst you're on the move.

Best Heated Insoles 2024

Therm-IC DIY Insole Heat Kit with C-Pack 1700B Battery

Therm-IC DIY Heat KitWhy We Love It...

 Option to integrate heat into your existing insoles
 Provides heat for up to 17 hours
 No need to replace current insoles

Perfect For...

 Those who want to add heat to their favourite insoles
 Controlling via app for customisable heat on-the-go

Not the Best For...

 Those who don't like DIY! Try these instead.

Expert Verdict: Whilst insoles are included in this kit, the heating elements can be integrated into the insoles of your choice, making this kit ideal for those who don't want to replace their current insoles. Turn your tried-and-tested favourites into a pair of heated insoles by simply applying two ultra-fine, resistant heating elements and the external adhesive covers provided in the kit. See below for insoles-only and 1300 battery options.

Therm-IC Heat Flat Insoles Set with C-Pack 1300 Battery

THerm-IC Flat Heated InsolesWhy We Love Them...

 Ultra thin; won't add bulk to your footwear
 Provide heat for up to 13 hours
 Trimmable for a perfect fit

Perfect For...

 Skiers and snowboarders
 Workers, walkers and commuters

Not the Best For...

 Arch support See our solution.

Expert Verdict: These insoles are ultra-thin and lightweight, making sure they don't add bulk or weight to you shoes. They're ideal for long walks with heavy gear and for those who prefer streamlined support without extra cushioning. See below for more battery options.

Therm-IC Heat 3D Heated Insoles Set with C-Pack 1700B Bluetooth Battery

Therm-IC 3D Heated InsolesWhy We Love Them...

 Anatomical 3D shape for improved support
 Distributes pressure across feet for comfort
 Up to 17 hours of warmth

Perfect For...

 Running, skiing and snowboarding
 Hiking and snowshoeing

Not the Best For...

 Those on a budget: try these instead.

Expert Verdict: The Rolls Royce of heated insoles, these Therm-IC 3D Heated Insoles are designed to provide comfort, arch support and warmth to keep you going, no matter your activity. The anatomical shape of these insoles and their EVA foam construction helps give better stability and hold, distributing pressure more evenly so you can stay comfortable in ski boots, work boots and hiking boots.


How Long Will My Insoles Stay Warm For?

The following table shows how long your insoles will provide heat, which varies depending on the heat level you choose.

Heat Level 1300 Battery 1700
1 11-13 Hours 15 - 17 Hours
2 5 - 7 Hours 7 - 9 Hours
3 3 - 4 Hours 4 - 5 Hours

How Long Does It Take to Fully Charge My Insoles?

Depending on which battery you choose, your insoles will be fully charged in 6 - 8 hours. At half the time of charging mentioned in the table below, the insoles will be 75% charged, thanks to the fast charging process. 

Insoles Bluetooth Enabled? Charging Time
Insole Heat Kit (without battery) N/A N/A
Insole Heat Kit with 1300 Battery No 6 Hours
Insole Heat Kit with 1700B Battery Yes 8 Hours
Flat Insoles (without Battery) N/A N/A
Flat Insoles with 1300 Battery No 6 Hours
Flat Insoles with 1300B Battery Yes 6 Hours
Flat Insoles with 1700B Battery Yes 8 Hours
3D Insoles (without Battery) N/A N/A
3D Insoles with 1300B Battery Yes 6 Hours
3D Insoles with 1700B Battery Yes 8 Hours

Looking for Heated Socks Instead?

For an alternative way to keep your feet toasty this winter, we also stock a range of heated socks. Browse our full range of Heated Socks.

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