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What is Knee Pain?

9 July 2015  |  John

Knee pain can be one of the worst injuries you can experience because it can put your whole leg out of action. It’s important that you find out the source of your knee pain so you can get back to your day-to-day life as quickly as possible.

Given how vital your knee is to how your leg works (it’s what makes walking and running possible), it's very important that you do not ignore knee pain. Ignoring pain can lead to the worsening of symptoms and can, in extreme cases, lead to immobility.

What are the Symptoms of Knee Pain?

The main symptom of knee pain, naturally, is sudden and sharp pain in your knee. It can often start during or immediately after exercise, or after injury. Most people will experience some form of knee pain at some point in their life, which is not surprising considering the amount of work that the knee has to do.

However, if you have strong pain that worsens or continues for a long period, then it may be a sign of an underlying problem.

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What are the Causes of Knee Pain?

Because the knee is such a vital part of your day to day life, knee pain can come from a variety of causes — anything from a simple sprain to arthritis. 

Sprains frequently come as a result of exercise; they are small ligament injuries that are caused by turning on your knee in a sudden or unnatural way. This usually also causes obvious swelling, so it is usually quite clear if you have a sprained knee.

One common source of knee pain is being overweight because as your knee is required to take more weight, it is placed under a greater amount of strain. This takes more of a toll than you might realise — for every pound you are overweight, 5 pounds of pressure is added to your knee when you go up and down stairs.

Similarly, age can also contribute to knee pain. The older you get, the more your knee has had to work through your life, so it is natural that over time it takes some wear and tear. 

How Can Shoe Insoles help with Knee Pain?

One of the ways a shoe insole can help with knee pain is that it can provide a cushion to reduce stress on the knee. This helps the knee relax and allows it to heal without having to go through the full strain that day to day life puts on it. 

Another way a shoe insole can help with knee pain is by stabilising your feet when you walk or run. This ensures that the knee doesn’t have to do any extra work that could cause it to strain.

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