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What is Charcot Marie Tooth?

13 July 2015

Charcot Marie Tooth Disease or Syndrome (CMT), also known as Hereditary Motor And Sensory Neuropathy (HMSN) and Peroneal Muscular Atrophy (PMA) is the term used to describe a genetic condition which damages the peripheral nerves and causes, among other issues, problems with functionality in the feet and legs.

As a genetically inherited condition, Charcot Marie Tooth is both a life-long health condition and a disease which affects the body far more widely than merely the feet.  Affecting the peripheral nerves of the brain, people who suffer from CMT may find that they struggle to perform tasks with their feet, hands,  ankles, and legs, find it difficult to walk with correct posture and gait, and experience numbness in their feet, hands and arms. CMT is a progressive disease which becomes more pronounced over time.

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Causes of Charcot Marie Tooth

Charcot Marie Tooth is a neurological disease passed on through the genes, there is no one distinct genetic cause of the syndrome due to so many variants existing. Children born with this syndrome will usually begin to present signs of the condition between 5 and 15 years old and the presence of CMT can be deceptively subtle. For example, a blister or minor injury to the foot might go unnoticed until it becomes infected because the damage hasn't properly been relayed to the brain.

Despite being one of the more serious issues that can compromise foot health, CMT is the most commonly inherited disorder and does not lessen life expectancy. While living with CMT may be difficult, there are therapies, aids and surgical procedures available to improve mobility and comfort for those living with the condition.

Comforting Charcot Marie Tooth

For day to day living with CMT, the issues commonly associated with the disease such as Flat Feet and High Arches should be considered. Walking with CMT can be difficult and finding shoes that accommodate and correct a compromised walking stance can be a struggle. A suitable insole can help protect and cushion the foot as well as help align the feet and legs properly.

Full Length Insoles help protect the entirety of the foot and are the recommended choice for those who live with CMT. Able to come in cushioning foam or soothing gel, many varieties of full-length insole also feature anti-blister fabrics and anti-bacterial top coats, ideal for keeping feet clean and protected from minor injuries that may lead to infection. Contouring, encapsulating insoles will help fully support the foot, align the leg and help manage an incorrect walk gait.

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