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What is Arch Strain?

7 July 2015  |  John

Arch strain is a general term for pain or inflammation in the arch of the foot. Making the arch of the foot tender and difficult to walk on, arch strain can lead to a reduction in mobility. Arch strain itself is not a condition and is usually a sign of a deeper condition.

What are the Symptoms of Arch Strain?

The main symptom or arch strain is pain, tenderness and inflammation of one or both arch and can also present as a burning sensation in the arch. As the arch is needed to transfer weight from the back to the front of the foot, this pain will worsen if left untreated. If the pain is worse in the morning and eases up during the day, then the arch strain may be a result of plantar fasciitis.

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What Can Cause Arch Strain?

The leading cause of arch strain is plantar fasciitis, where the tissue connecting the heel bone to the toe bone becomes inflamed. However, there are other possible causes of arch strain.

Another possible cause of arch strain is a pronated foot, a condition where the foot rolls inward as it lands while walking or running. While this itself is very unlikely to cause arch strain, it can cause other conditions, or work in conjunction with other issues to cause arch strain. Tarsal tunnel syndrome (when a nerve becomes pinched in the tissue surrounding the ankle joint) is another possible cause of arch strain.

Flat feet or fallen arches can also contribute to arch strain, as your arches are put under more pressure due to the fact that arches are always on the ground when at rest rather than suspended as they should be.

How can Shoe Insoles help with Arch Strain?

The right shoe insole can help greatly with arch strain — a shoe insole can help reduce the risk of pronation, so your feet don’t roll inward as they land. Shoe insoles can also help with plantar fasciitis, supporting the inflamed tissue so it doesn’t have as much strain put on it

The right shoe insole can also help with flat feet or fallen arches, as they relieve the strain on the arches and hold them in the correct position.

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