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What are Collapsed Arches?

9 July 2015  |  John

Collapsed arches (also known as fallen arches or flat feet) is a condition where the arches of the foot do not arch and instead sit flat on the ground. In children this is perfectly normal; children’s joints are more flexible and as a result the arches on their feet aren't as pronounced, only being fully visible when they stand on the balls of their feet or on their tiptoes.

While collapsed arches in children is perfectly natural, in adults collapsed arches can lead to more serious problems including ankle strain and knee pain. Luckily, the condition is usually not overly difficult to deal with and can often be helped with nothing more than the correct orthotics.

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What are the Symptoms of Collapsed Arches?

The most obvious symptom of collapsed arches, naturally, is that your feet do not arch when you stand normally. If you’re unsure about whether or not your feet arch you can easily test it. 

Simply wet the bottom of your feet and stand on a normally dry surface, such as a pavement or a newspaper. If you can see your entire footprint, including the arch of your foot, then there is a chance you have collapsed arches.

If you find you have collapsed arches and they do not bother you, then you have nothing to worry about. However, if you find that your feet hurt after walking shorter distances or that everyday activity leaves your ankles, your arches or your calf in pain, then you may want to consider some help for your arches.

What are the Causes of Collapsed Arches?    

There are many causes of collapsed arches and for some people, having flat feet is simply down to genetics. Sometimes feet fail to develop properly in the womb or in childhood and this can lead to flat feet during your adult life.

Collapsed arches can also come about later in life as a result of arthritis or because of an injury to the surrounding muscle and tissue. In addition, in people over 40 the tendon which supports the arch can stretch over time and it can lose its strength, which causes the arch to fall. This can be exacerbated by obesity and high blood pressure.

How Can Shoe Insoles Help with Collapsed Arches?

A shoe insole can help massively with collapsed arches by supporting the arch so that it stays in the correct position. This reduces the strain a collapsed arch can put on the surrounding muscle and tissue, which reduces the pain and soreness that can accompany collapsed arches.

A lot of people who suffer from collapsed arches have issues with overpronation, a condition where your feet roll inwards too much while walking and running. This can cause damage to your Achilles tendon and your ankle joint, so it’s important that it is dealt with. A shoe insole can also help with this, stabilising your foot as you walk and run so your stride is as safe and as solid as possible.

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