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What Are Athletic Insoles?

30 October 2015  |  John

Athletic insoles are insoles which have been designed to help you improve yourself as an athlete. They work in a variety of ways to help boost your athletic performance, no matter what your discipline.

Shock Absorption

One of the biggest things an athletic insole can do to improve your ability is absorb shocks. Hard shocks, like the ones your feet receive when you run, can put extra strain on the ligaments and muscles in your feet and legs. This massively contributes towards fatigue and tiredness while exercising, and can seriously affect your performance.

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By absorbing these shocks, athletic insoles can enable you to go harder and for longer, no matter your sport or activity.

Foot Stabilisation and Support

Proper foot support and stabilisation is vital in sport – without it, athletes run the risk of over-pronation and supination, rolling the foot inwards or outwards too much while you walk or run. This not only makes you more susceptible to immediate injuries like ankle sprains, but over time can lead to incredibly painful foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis, bunions, Achilles tendonitis and even shin splints.

The right athletic insole will provide the correct amount of support your foot needs to keep it stable and supported. A supported foot will run and turn more securely and reliably, helping you to get the perfect stride for whatever you’re doing.

Odour Prevention

Most athletic insoles are made with some form of odour prevention built-in. The most obvious advantage of this is that it helps reduce your trainers’ nasty smell, but it actually goes beyond this. 

The odour-preventing systems used in several athletics reduce odour by actively killing the germs that cause it. This is not only good for your feet but also gives the insoles extra longevity, so you can wear your insoles without worrying about what might be going on in them.

Odour prevention also helps reduce moisture in your foot, which means the inside of your shoes won’t be as sweaty and uncomfortable as they can be, leaving you to concentrate on your performance.

Unobtrusive Design

Athletic insoles are designed to be as discreet as possible to your feet, so you don’t even notice they’re there. In fact, many athletic insoles are actually thinner than the standard insoles found in most sports shoes, so you can be closer to the ground and get a better feeling for the surface you’re performing on, no matter if you’re running on pavement or sprinting on grass to the ball.

All of these things work together to give you the best boost to your performance possible.

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