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Vasyli: The Podiatrist's Touch

10 July 2015  |  John

In 1979, Vasyli International was founded by Dr Philip J Vasyli, an Australian podiatrist with a dream to revolutionise the world of insoles. At first, they simply made orthotics for plaster casts, however Dr Vasyli soon realised there was a demand for a cost-efficient orthotic that could be produced quickly and efficiently.

To answer this demand he developed a shoe insole that could be easily shaped by heat and the rest is history. Today Vasyli shoe insoles are utilised by foot specialists across the globe for a variety of purposes and are one of the most trusted and venerated brands in the industry.

An Insole for All Seasons    

Vasyli insoles come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit any shoe easily and securely. The Vasyli McConnell insole, for example, is designed not only to fit easily into a high heel (which can be one of the most difficult shoes to fit an insole into) but it is also made to simply disappear under your foot to keep the style of your fancy footwear intact.

Not only do they fit into even the most difficult of shoes, but every pair of Vasyli shoe insoles are designed to address specific foot conditions and help feet heal as well as possible. Different insoles for diabetes, foot pain and metatarsalgia are available.

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Designed by the Best

Many of the Vasyli shoe insoles were designed by working with leading foot experts, as a part of the Vasyli Think Tank. This partnership with world renowned podiatrists and physiotherapists has led to many of Vasyli International’s greatest products, including the aforementioned Vasyli McConnell. 

Jenny McConnell, a world renowned physiotherapist, helped develop this shoe insole to combat the foot problems high heels can cause, including the unnatural rotation of joints and muscle contraction.

With this level of medical expertise being poured into each product, Vasyli International goes from strength to strength with every new shoe insole produced.

Customisation is Key

Not only does Vasyli International know how to make amazing shoe insoles, they also know that the one person who knows how they can be better is you, the person in pain.

To this end they developed lifts and wedges specifically designed to go under their insoles. These ensure that you can get exactly what you need from your insoles without having to risk unauthorised modification and the dangers that they can present to your feet.

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