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Treating Arch Pain

20 July 2015

Sulking soles? Aching arches? Unhappy feet can easily stop you in your tracks and make going about your normal day feel like an uphill battle, but helping sore feet get back to their best needn’t be complex or time consuming.  Arch pain is generally the result of overwork or shoes treating your feet unkindly, and the pain may also be affecting your heels or ball of the foot. A few days of dedicated care followed by a few tweaks to your general foot care habits can have you back on your feet in no time.

Love Arch-tually

Showing your arches some TLC is the best way to start them on the road to recovery. Methods of relieving an aching arch are really no more than common sense and, for the majority of sufferers, a bit of home treatment is all it takes to get your arches back to normal.

Ice, the go-to relief for any ache, continues to perform valiantly when it comes to your arches. Applying an ice pack or simply a bag of frozen peas will provide effective relief, but for doubly good results try freezing a bottle of water and then rolling it underfoot for a 2-in-1 ice massage.

Massage is equally as simple, just replace the bottle with a tennis ball - or, for a firmer pressure, a golf ball – and roll it under your arches.

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Switch shoes if you suspect your current footwear is guilty of making your arches ache. Don’t be fooled into thinking your sloppy old trainers or squishy flip flops are the best choice, your arches are in desperate need of support, and you should look to wear shoes that can provide it. Unfortunately this means no to high heels too.

Walking surfaces should be considered when you feet are giving you grief, any cross-country walks or hundred-step flights of stairs should probably be avoided while you’re looking to make your feet healthy again.

Night splints can help the treatment you provide during the day continue in the night. Helping to alleviate pressure on the arches while keeping them properly positioned will help them from becoming stiff in the night, and lessen the pain that you might notice is usually far worse first thing in the morning.

Shoe Insoles come in a range of styles and almost all of them have been designed to give full and effective support of the arch, a good choice as preventative as well as cure, an insole will help keep your foot nice and aligned, stopping unpleasant aches from reoccurring. 

Stretches can also help keep arches strong and healthy even when afflicted by aches and pains, try some of our Stretches to help make your feet  feel happier.

Take Arch Action

While Arch Pain is not a terribly serious condition, do not think that it will eventually run its course without a helping hand. Your arches support the entire weight of your body, stabilize you whether standing or moving and help you adapt to uneven surfaces, ignoring any problems will surely only invite more serious complications such as Plantar Fasciitis, which can be far more debilitating than a temporary ache. For the sake of a bit of rest, you may be staving off far worse problems in the future, so give your feet they respect they deserve and put them up for a few days.

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