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The Talarmade Bunion Corrector: Fixing Feet

6 August 2015

Be afraid, bothersome Bunions, your wrongdoings are about to be corrected thanks to Shoe Insoles and Talarmade.

These bothersome boney growths are a hugely common foot condition with a variety of methods of treatment, one of the best ways to treat any sore feet, though, is to make sure they’re comfortable, so why not try some Talarmade treatment?

Comfy Correction

We’re casting an eye over to one of our best Hallux Valgus busters, and casting some comfort over your feet with the Talarmade Bunion Corrector. Made of super soft fabric, your foot won’t feel stuffed in and stuck fast but comfortably protected and gently corrected. This convenient and comfy foot cover has been designed to help you go about your daily life without having to worry about foot conditions slowing you down, and with a range of features packed into this small but mighty bandage you’ll forget to fret about foot problems:

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Aluminium Stay: Keep your big toe in place and foot pressure correctly distributed thanks to this inbuilt toe support. Helping to keep your foot in the best position, this small addition can make a big change when it comes to keeping pain at bay. Walk pain-free and confident with feet kept comfortable.

Foam Padding: All-round foot support stops friction against the foot from your shoes, as well as keeping feet in a soft, supportive environment and providing subtle compression to lessen swelling.

Breathable fabric: You needn’t sacrifice comfort for correction with this nifty foot bandage. Breathable fabric keeps feet from sweating and helps them stay hygienic, making this corrective device an all-day treatment that you won’t be desperate to throw off come evening.

Preventative or Protective: Whether keeping feet happy while living with bunions or maintaining comfort during recovery from surgery, this corrector will be a welcome addition to any sufferer’s shoe whichever form their personal treatment takes.

Totally Easy Treatment

Held in place with Velcro strapping and extremely lightweight, this corrector is easy to use, easy to wear and easy to fit into your everyday routine. Available in a range of sizes and fully adjustable for a personal no-slip fit, you can simply strap it on in the morning and not worry about your comfort being compromised throughout the day. Able to fit into a range of footwear, your treatment can be out of sight, and pain can be completely out in mind.

To get your hands, and feet, on some foot comfort, head to Shoe Insoles for the Talarmade Bunion Corrector.

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